ATXFBA City Guide: Austin’s Late Night Vegan Food

afb_city_guide_2013_logoI’ve tried to write this post a zillion times. The first post, years ago, spawned into my Austin Vegan Guide, I keep updating it and now it contains almost a hundred vegan friendly places in town. I also wrote a SXSW vegan guide last year that was supposed to have late night options too, but I started writing all sorts of other festival related stuff. The thing is, when it comes to Austin, I can’t just STFU. I have so much to recommend! This post is part of the Austin Food Blogger’s Alliance’s city guide so check it out and especially see my fellow vegans work, Lizz Delicious on Date Night, and soon Red Hot Vegans on Desserts, and The Little Red Journal on Healthy Eats. There are tons of categories from gluten free breakfast to vegetarian trailers to cocktails so it’s really super cool and comprehensive. I’m going to try and keep this late night list mostly to favorites because that’ll be plenty and if you just need a reference about the town you can check out the main guide where I try to mention when places are open late or if you are visiting try The Vegan Tour it has maps!

Downtown 6th Street and Red River is kind of the epicenter of bar life in Austin. Usually Friday and Saturdays find 6th street closed down to cars as a million students, tourists, frat boys, locals, yokels, cops and every other kind of night owl converge as a drunken hungry horde. Red River still has a lot of music venues keeping people dancing….or, more often, occasionally nodding to the beat and taking pictures of the band with their cellphones. 

Hoboken Pizza– open until 2:30am Red River & 7th. Vegan Pizza on Red River with Daiya.

Be More Pacific- 5th & Colordao. This Filipino truck moves around every day but seems to end up here most late nights. Check the schedule. The Adobo Tofu and the fried rice can both be made vegan. Open until 2am

Wok Around Austin 529 Brazos St At this trailer you pick jasmine rice, brown rice, or noodles, then a sauce and then a protein.

El Sol y La Luna 600 East 6th Street. This tex-mex restaurant has tons of different options like veggie chorizo, tofu tacos, and spinach and mushroom enchiladas. Open 11 on weekdays and 1 am on the weekend. Closed early sunday.

Chi’Lantro BBQ, Korean BBQ trailer, has a fab tofu taco for 2 dollars. And spicy fries. Location changes daily, you can also follow them on twitter cause they have two trailers that usually end up downtown. Will probably be open until at least 2am during the weekend. This is where I usually go after the bars if I’m downtown.

Rainey Street  If you go a couple of streets down towards the river you will find the Rainey Street area which is all super trendy bars and hotspots with maybe a slightly older crowd. 

G’raj Mahal 91 Red River An Indian trailer with table service under a tent. Somewhat vegan friendly (the rice isn’t vegan) and open until 2am on the weekend.

La Fantabulous 74 Rainey St Potabello & Onion tacos at this trailer. Open til midnight on the weekend.

Masala Dhaba 75 Rainey St They have a vegetarian section on their menu at this food trailer that includes stuff like Aloo Gobi, Korma, and Samosas. Open til 3am on the weekend.

Bangers This bar has a zillion beers on tap, a little dog park, and a full sausage oriented menu but they make a vegan sausage! Also boiled peanuts, fries, a veggie plate, a fruit plate, and even a jar of pickles.

Via 313 – 61 Rainey St Behind Craft Pride. Trailer with Detroit Style Pizza with follow your heart cheese. Open til 2am on the weekends.  There is another location on east 6th.

Eastside If you keep walking down sixth street under the highway you will soon find yourself on the eastside which is so hip you can find kombucha on tap and heavy late night bicycle traffic.

Arlo’s Austin- 1104 E. 6th on the Cheer Up Charlies patio. An all vegan trailer with the best Bac’n Cheeze Burger in town or maybe the world. Plus, a BBQ burger, Chili Dogs, Chick’n Tacos, and Chip & Guac. Open 8pm to 2am Thursday, Friday and Saturday. My review

Miso Hungry– Pan Asian trailer next to Cheer Up Charlies and Arlo’s. Vegan Bahn Mi open until 2am on the weekend.

Via 313 – 6th & Waller. Trailer with Detroit Style Pizza with follow your heart cheese. Open til 2am on the weekends. There is another location on rainy street.

Fire and Soul 1104 East 6th Spicy vegan corn dog, deep fried avocado balls and sweet potato fries. Open until midnight on weekdays 2am on weekends. Closed Sunday

Handshakes 1104 East 6th Creative milkshake stand with many vegan options. Open til 2am Friday & Saturday. Closed Sunday.

The Vegan Yacht– 1700 east 6th st behind the Grackle. I love the frito burritos at this all vegan trailer, it’s Frito Pie with organic fritos in a burrito. I like to add avocado. They also have tacos, sandwiches, and quesadillas.  Open Daily 3pm-midnight. Check their facebook to see if they are closing up early.

The East Side King at the Liberty 1618 1/2 E 6th St I love the beet fries and the vegetable meshi at this Paul Qui trailer. Open to 1:30 am.

Everywhere Else If you are in a car you will want to pretty much avoid the areas above and hit up a place where you can park..and actually drive.

Bouldin Creek Coffeehouse– 1900 South 1st. The tofu scramble is next level. You can get it in anything on the menu including the omelette which are fabulous. Also try with the vegan queso, the homemade veggie chorizo and the potato hash cake. The breakfast tacos are really good. Ask for the special tea menu. They also have fantastic baked goods from Happy Vegan Baker and Red Rabbit Doughnuts. The kitchen is open until 11:45pm and I love that you can order breakfast at night but they have entrees too like the delicious BLT.

Black Sheep Lodge– 2108 Lamar, I love the sweet potato fries, they also have veggie burgers and a portabella sandwich and fried jalapeño strips breaded in cornmeal that are delicious. And tater tots. And really good beer. Serves food til midnight and 1 on Saturday but open later.

Gueros– South Congress. Special vegan part on the menu. Get a margarita (or several) while you wait. Also chips and salsa that you get yourself the best Vegan Queso in the world. Mmm vegan meat. I like the taco salad and the tostada.  Open until 11 Thur-Sun

Habana- 2728 South Congress. vegetarian friendly Cuban food and delicious tropical cocktails. I love this place! You can even sit in a little cabana hut. Here is a list of of what is vegan. I love the monfongo and the quinbombo and tons of plantains. And the servers have always seemed very knowledgeable. Open until 11 Fri & Sat

Curra’s– 614 E. Oltorf St. Great Mexican food and amazing avocado margaritas. They have a veggie taco plate with homemade chorizo and super fat tamales, both bean and veggie. The rice is not vegan but they let you double up on the beans. Also Food For Lovers queso. Make sure you say no cheese. Open until 11 on Fri & Sat.

The Hole in the Wall East Side King- Beet fries, Brussels sprouts stir fry. It is a trailer behind the Hole in the Wall and one of my top faves.

Thai Kitchen– multiple locations. Open til midnight on the weekend at the Guadalupe location but the others close earlier. Typical thai. Green Curry is popular.

The Parlor– 4301 Guadalupe St has vegan pizza with follow your heart cheese and veg sausage My favorite pizza in town. m-f open til midnight. 1am sat

24 hour places 

24 Diner– Across the street from Whole Foods next to Waterloo music is this diner that is open around the clock. Veggie Po’Boy and a Veggie Burger on the menu.

Kerbey Lane– Multiple locations in every part of town. 24 hour diner. Vegan pancakes. Tacos. Sweet potato fries and all sorts of other stuff. I am not a fan of their homemade “soysauge” but almost everything else is pretty good and I especially love that they bring vegan butter with the pancakes. Your best bet for 4 am.

Bennu Coffee- 2001 E. MLK Blvd 24 hours Daiya Pizza from Hoboken, tacos, green cart wraps and cupcakes from Happy Vegan Baker

Star Seeds has a couple vegan items and it’s 24 hours so I am adding it but I wouldn’t really recommend it.

Magnolia is another 24 hour diner that just isn’t very vegan friendly even though it’s very vegetarian friendly. They love their butter and cheese so I don’t recommend even trying but I thought I’d mention it so you know to stay away if you can because it is really popular.

The Buzz Mill– 1505 Town Creek (off Riverside) 24 bar and coffee shop with vegan pastries from Sugar Circus. I haven’t even been there but it’s the only late night vegan option I know of on East Riverside. I’m sure by the time I hit “post” 10 new places will have opened up.

If you have a favorite that I didn’t add please put it in the comments!


10 thoughts on “ATXFBA City Guide: Austin’s Late Night Vegan Food

  1. mollyjade

    “…heavy late night bicycle traffic”! Last time I went to vegan drinks at Cheer Up Charlie’s I ended up needing to turn right while there were something like 60 bicyclists going straight. It cracked me up.

  2. Lauren

    Your descriptions of the neighborhoods made me laugh. East Austin’s “kombucha on tap and late night bicycle traffic” — ha! Great roundup.

  3. vegangrrl

    What makes Curras rice non-vegan? Looks like I’ve been duped several times. I don’t go there anymore after the glass in my food episode but glad for their vegan options.

    1. lazysmurf Post author

      They have chicken stock in the rice but it’s still one of my favorites! I love their avocado margaritas and giant tamales.

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