Thanksgiving Recap

I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving. Mine was totally low key because it was just Dan, me, and the dogs. It was super nice out and I finished cooking way early so we got to eat outside. I made Isa’s seitan roast stuffed with shitakies and leeks for the first time. It was tasty and I loved the filling but it wasn’t as good as the roulade or the seitan dumplings we made in years past. The star of the show was, as in years past, the miso glazed brussels. We love these, they were the first thing we ran out of. We made the diner dressing like last year and tried the brown gravy from Vegan Diner. The dressing didn’t turn out as well as last year, I think my bread to liquid ratio was off and I didn’t love the brown gravy. For leftovers I made her sage gravy and I don’t know why I didn’t make it for thanksgiving because it is the best recipe ever.

We went traditional with the potatoes and made enough to last the century. Dan adds green onions into the potatoes and this is totally the way to go. We also roasted a ton of garlic and mashed it first with a bunch of melted earth balance. 

We also picked up cranberry orange almond sauce from Wheatsville because I love it.

Here is the whole plate in all it’s glory.

Poor McPuppenstein was so jealous because he was all dressed up for the occasion with no where to sit. He looked the maître d.

Probably the best part was the pumpkin pie from Capital City Bakery.So that was Thanksgiving. Next year I want to try either Miyoko Schinner’unturkey or Vegan Appetite’s unturkey. They both look so good and have been getting great reviews.

BTW if you are a food blogger I recommend doing a Thanksgiving wrap up post because it really helps planning for next year. 


8 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Recap

  1. Lana

    Your Thanksgiving looks great!! The brussells look really nice and I’ll def try mashing some garlic into my potatoes next time 🙂 x

  2. Joey

    Oooh – I have no thanksgiving, but I do have a load of vital wheat gluten going begging. I really like the look of the seitan roast, but maybe I’ll give the dumplings a go. And yes, brussels for me too please!

  3. Johanna

    I made Isa’s loaf, too, and I thought I was erring on the side of making sure it was done after reading all the notes, and I cooked it just a little too long, although it was still delicious. I alo had brussels sprouts, stuffing, and potatoes. I wish that I could send you the pics.

  4. Jes

    Your roast turned out **gorgeous** (even if it didn’t taste as rockin’ as recipes past)–love that whole plate of food. I can’t wait to cook up a vegan holiday feast to make up for the not-so-vegan-Thanksgiving!

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