GIVEAWAY: Queso for National Nacho Day!!!

extreme vegan nachos with food for lover’s queso

Today is November 6th which means it’s election day AND National Nacho Day. It makes so much sense that our most essential civic duty would be shared with one of our most gloriously lazy comfort foods. I love nachos and I love voting so today is a great day for me. Nachos were definitely one of the things I missed the most after going vegan. They were my go-to treat at the movie theater, middle school lunches, and lazy nights at home. They remind me of my taco bell filled youth. It was sad going to restaurants and watching my friends enjoy their chips and queso.

Then, one glorious day Chris & Crystal Tate started selling their magic jars of queso and my life changed forever. No longer would I be deprived of such a critical food group! It’s been so fun watching them go from selling homemade queso at Bouldin Creek to having jars around the world! Just the other day my friend in Maine told me she picked some up at the Whole Foods there. She’s not even vegan but she’s hooked. She said, “will you ask them why it’s so good”. The craziest part is that, it’s kind of good for you. Nutritional yeast is packed with vitamins unlike, say, dairy cheese and it only has like 20 calories a serving. That’s only 240 calories if you accidentally eat the whole jar. That’s not very much folks. Like a jar of olives the jar of queso has become a standby in my fridge.


And it can be in your fridge too! To celebrate National Nacho Day and win a jar of queso AND a jar of the new mild queso for all your non-Texan friends all you have to do is comment below and tell me what’s the most ridiculous thing you have eaten for fourthmeal? (In case you are so vegan and you don’t know, Taco Bell has a marketing campaign to inspire Americans to add an extra meal after dinner, presumably after “kickin’ it”.) Enter by 12:00 AM on November 7th. Since it’s National Nacho Day you must have a US address.

Also, they are giving away an entire case of vegan queso for the most outrageous plate of nachos submitted to them via IG, FB, Twitter and email. The Winner will be announced on the 7th on – launching on the 6th.



22 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: Queso for National Nacho Day!!!

  1. Alia Melendez

    Just a few weeks back I woke up at around 1 am and devoured an entire head of broccoli dipped in food for lovers queso.mmmmmmm quesssoooo.

  2. Becky

    Ooh yum! I have been wanting to try this queso! It is hard to choose just one ridiculous late-night meal, but when I’m craving sweets at night, I make Monkey Pudding: mashed banana stirred up in a bowl with peanut butter and chocolate chips. My husband makes so much fun of Monkey Pudding, but I love it.

  3. Jes

    Wait, wait, wait, a FOURTH meal?! As if overeating wasn’t already a problem in this country. geeessh.

    But in terms of queso, heck yeah! I’m a fan of the 1 jar I snagged last year. And I do love that I can claim the snack is good for me, nooch & all 🙂 I think G & I’s ‘4th meal’ is usually queso, sometimes potato chips. I’m loving Becky’s monkey pudding though!

  4. Brandy

    My 4th meals are usually extra huge desserts. Big slice of pie. Sleeve of Oreos. You get the idea.

  5. Elizabeth

    my go-to “fourthmeal” is marmite on toast…totally delish! My six month old likes to lick the marmite right off my toast, so it’s her fourth (sometimes feels like hubdredth, the way she eats) meal, too lol

  6. Leslie

    Noochy toast is a common 4th meal for myself. I’m usually too tired to think and/or cook when the late night hunger strikes.

  7. Helen

    4th meal = usually tater tots, but I have been known to dip corn chips in low-fat Vegenaise. Don’t judge — it’s delicious. (If I had some FFL queso in my fridge, that would be my first choice for chip dipping, but my favorite natural foods store doesn’t sell it! I really should petition for it…)

  8. Jenna Z

    I am most likely to go for cereal, a HUGE bowl of cereal with almond milk! I LOVE Life, Corn Pops (I know, terrible!!!), shredded wheat, even Grape Nuts! Carbs!!

  9. katherine d.

    Have a roasted butternut squash covered in salsa and nutritional yeast

    katherinedibello (at) gmail (dot) com

  10. Erin

    That Taco Bell campaign sounds ridiculous. I’ve really been wanting to try this. I usually go with something like cinnamon toast if I need a snack. I’m boring.

    email ensd13 at gmail.

  11. Jamie

    I can relate to the monkey pudding. I love cutting some bananas- adding some peanut butter and sprinkling on some chocolate chips. (or just put some chocolate hazelnut butter over the bananas) It is good with a cup of Almond Milk. Yum!

  12. caroline m.

    after having a little too much to drink one night out, i ate a whole watermelon. it was a small one, but still. my non-veg friends definitely secured their beliefs that vegans are weird 🙂

  13. Jordan Dunne (@j_mosh)

    My oddest recent fourth meal was properly the pumpkin-vanilla protein shake I drunkenly concocted with pumpkin spice coffee mate creamer, pumpkin syrup, and vanilla vegan protein powder. Not very healthy, but super seasonal and tasty haha. Usually i just grab whatever is easy from the fridge though, so celery dipped in cottage cheese or hot salsa, or a bag of tortilla chips usually does the trick

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