Get down to the cupcake polls at Cap City!

Austin: cupcakes are going quick so you better get down to Capital City Bakery before they sell out! Mittens started out ahead but now the Obamacakes are the hot commodity with Anarchy close behind.

I loved seeing them all lined up. Anarchists,  Republicans, Democrats and Independents all together. Even plain old pumpkin stood by for the non-citizens, felons, and the disenfranchised among us.  Just like in the so called “official” election green/libertarian/independents were coming in last.

” Go ahead, throw your vote away”

On the other hand, coming in second was the anarchy cakes!I got two Obamacakes for us to either toast with or comfort ourselves with tonight while watching the returns.

My boss, who considers himself quite the anarchist, was thrilled to get his cake. Even though, technically, he is indeed “the man“.Go vote and please also enter to win Food For Lover’s Vegan Queso because it’s also national nacho day!!!



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