Too little too late: vegan options at fun fun fun fest.

So obviously, well obviously if you went, fun fun fun fest is over but I wanted to share some pics because A) I took them B) people in the future might wonder if ffffest is vegan friendly (spoiler: it has been from the get go!) and C) I think two of the new-to-me vendors might be out in the greater Austin scene the other 362 days that are not fun fun fun fest. That was such a poorly constructed sentence that I will take this opportunity to apologize. The whole fest has gotten so huge. In addition to the veggie hot dog eating contest, which has been going on for a while, there was also vegan arm wrestling, the taco canon, regular wrestling, and expanded skatepark and bmx biking.

People even color coordinate to match the stage they are watching. 

I saw a couple of bands that I liked but once I saw the menu for the new Whole Foods truck I was totally preoccupied with getting one of their sliders and chickpea fries.They haven’t decided where the truck is going to be forever, but it looks very mobile so I bet it will move around a lot. If you see it try the Argentinean and tell me how it is because I tried the New Yorker and I really enjoyed it. I loved the chicken and the spicy buffalo sauce. I was worried about the celery dressing because I’m not a big celery fan but it was creamy and non offensive to my overactive celery taste buds  My only criticism is that the bun was too bunny. I don’t need all that bread. But I guess too much is better than not enough, right? Maybe that’s just how sliders are. I was so thankful there were two vegan options. They were out of the chickpea fries by the time I made it back but I’m will follow this cart until I get to try them!

The New Yorker: mock chicken with vegenaise and spicy wing sauce topped with celery dressing.

Later, I saw another stand, True Nature’s Child, that promised vegan and gluten-free farm fresh options. I really wanted to try it because the menu sounded great but it wasn’t to be. It looks like they are at a farmer’s market for now, I’ll follow and hopefully get to try them someday. I loved that they have cashew vegan cheese. I’m so sick of daiya. There were a ton of other familiar carts too, Kebabalicious, Hey Cupcake, the Naan Stop, Juiceland and probably other ones too. I can’t remember them all. I am so tired. That’s my report.

PS Get ready, tomorrow is November 6th, better known as National Nacho Day

PPS I found out the energy sheets I was talking about the other day are vegan! Maybe I should take one right now….


6 thoughts on “Too little too late: vegan options at fun fun fun fest.

  1. Mandee

    Sounds like an awesome day to me! A couple of fests here will have veggo options that are sometimes vegan but nothing like this!! I want chickpea fries.

  2. Jes

    A veggie hotdog eating contest? That’s just the best! At a festival in Atlanta called Corndog-a-rama they had a vendor who sold veggie corndogs w/ jalapeno batter and I overloaded on them. No veggie corndog eating contest though. Super nom on the Whole Foods truck options!

  3. Jess

    They were out of chickpea fries when I went too — bummer, but I did try the Argentinean on Saturday and was pretty disappointed. The eggplant was cut very thin and fried, so each sandwich had three stacked pieces — aka a TON of breading, along with a slice of tomato and a little lettuce. All that led to an INCREDIBLY DRY sandwich. Breading + bread = good lord, find me a drink.

    Where I think things went wrong — and thanks for posting the menu so I remembered — was the chimichurri sauce. I don’t think I got any, and that’s what sold me on the thing to start with. With sauce, I think the dryness problem would have been solved and the deliciousness kicked up a notch. Without it, kinda bland.

    1. lazysmurf Post author

      Yeah, I think that sauce would have been critical! I guess we are agreed on the bready factor.

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