Bakesale at Counter Culture this Sunday from 2-5

from Capital City Bakery

This is it you guys. The last post before the bakesale for SARA animal sanctuary this Sunday. We are going to have so many items from Austin’s vegan friendly bakeries including Capital City, Happy Vegan Baker, Sugar Circus, Mr. Natural, Sugar Mama’s, and Celeste’s Best. There are going to be Pumpkin Spice Cookies, Goji Bites, Peanut Butter Cups, Pumpkin Loaves, Mini Mud Pies, and tons of Gluten Free items too! There is going to be live music from Ken Atkins and the Honky Tonk Kind and dogs to pet from the animal sanctuary! So please come, invite your friends and buy everything. If it was me, I would get something sweet from the bakesale, then have breakfast and coffee at Counter Culture, and then buy a whole bunch of stuff for my friends, family, and random people on the street. Because that’s how friendly I am. You’d be amazed.

Special thanks as well to Brittany and Carrie from Red Hot Vegans for working so hard on this. You ladies are the best!