Wheatsville has Thanksgiving on the hot bar every Wednesday

And I can’t not go.

Earlier today I got invited to the staff Thanksgiving meal they do every year. Your choice of turkey or ham. I was so annoyed until I remembered that it was Wednesday and all through October Wheatsville is doing thanksgiving on the hot bar and they are donating a portion of the sales to the capital area food bank. So if you don’t go you are missing out and you are kind of a jerk. All the sides are vegan and they always have roasted tofurkey too. I promised myself I wouldn’t eat too much before I went. I stood at the hot bar and looked at the food and said “self, don’t eat too much.

But there was dressing, and mashed potatoes, tofurkey with stuffing, their amazing cranberry almond dressing, mushroom gravy, spicy greens, and mac and cheese. I couldn’t say no to any of it.

Now I need a nap.


7 thoughts on “Wheatsville has Thanksgiving on the hot bar every Wednesday

  1. Jes

    Thanksgivings for a whole month?! Le jeal. If only because that massive plate of food looks like heaven. Now I just need to find a reason besides food to move to Austin. Like a job 🙂

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