Austin’s Happy Vegan Baker

A couple weeks ago when I found out about SARA animal sanctuary’s serious need and started soliciting baked goods for the bakesale Oct 21, I think the Happy Vegan Baker, Inge Bothma, was the first to respond with donations. How lucky is that for everyone that is going to come? Listen, lazy vegans everywhere, you won’t have to get up early and fight the crowds of the farmer’s market to get these wonderful pastries so you should really come on down Sunday afternoon from 2-5 at Counter Culture. I have a hard time getting to the farmer’s market myself, as I’m sure some of you can imagine, I’m not much of a morning person. Or a leaving my house kind of person. When I do make it early enough with my reusable bags to get my freshly picked swiss chard I feel like a superhero with amazing motivational powers (note my Kryptonite is beagles snuggling with me under blankets). My reward for making it is that I get to try some baked goods and pastries from the Happy Vegan baker and she usually has a ton. Danishes, biscotti, bread, cinnamon rolls, cupcakes, it’s a serious product line. They even have tacos because it really wouldn’t be Austin otherwise. And she specializes in Gluten Free stuff and does special orders. She even will make your Thanksgiving Feast!

So, I know if you are a daily reader I sound like a broken record but since most people aren’t I will say it again, come to the bakesale this Sunday! There is going to be live music, volunteers from SARA in case you want to pet a dog and learn more about them, and all of the best baked goods in town! It’s all happening.


5 thoughts on “Austin’s Happy Vegan Baker

  1. ameyfm

    oh my god. are you kidding me?? there is nowhere around here to get a vegan cinnamon roll or DANISH!!!! Perhaps that is a blessing, but in this moment – it feels like a curse. Lucky you! Eat one for me!

    1. lazysmurf Post author

      We didn’t have any cinnamon rolls a year ago & now there are four bakeries with them! Have hope!

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