Veganmofo: Sunday Brunch

“Vegan Diner” biscuits & gravy, Good Seed Organic Italian sausage, garlicky greens, & blackberries.

I think that’s the best biscuits & gravy recipe I have tried. Totally worth the last minute trip to the store cause the dogs ate all the nooch.


11 thoughts on “Veganmofo: Sunday Brunch

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  2. Mandee

    Naughty dogs eating all your nooch! I need to get this book and try this meal, I love you added some blackberries on the side!

  3. Candy Beans

    I don’t have Vegan Diner yet, but Biscuits and Gravy is one of my favorite weekend morning meals! It’s one of those dishes that I never had in my omnivorous childhood, but fell in love with as a vegan,

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