PSA: Burritos Vs. Tacos

It seems like there is a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to this important topic. Please watch this short film. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments.

note this movie is veganized from the original

13 thoughts on “PSA: Burritos Vs. Tacos

  1. Sarah C

    Hilarious! I was actually thinking after your post yesterday, “Why tacos, rather than burritos?” Is it that you prefer the ratio of filling to tortilla in the taco? Or is it regional (that is, an Austin thing) – because when I lived in Dallas and traveled in south Texas, it was breakfast burritos everywhere, not tacos (and the same is true now that I live in New Mexico).

    1. lazysmurf Post author

      I prefer tacos because of the ratio for sure! I don’t need all that tortilla, plus it’s more fun to eat multiple tacos. I like burritos too, they are just for when I want a whole meal and they are usually very similar. A taco can be anything.

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  3. Emily

    Anyone who watches this and doesn’t want a burrito or a taco or BOTH is just… I…. I want Mexican food!

  4. lizziebordello

    Hahahahaha, this makes me think of one my favorite South Park episodes, and the song from it that I relentlessly sing to the husband, “Taco Flavoured Kisses.” ;p

  5. Mands

    I laughed so hard at your version, it’s awesome! I don’t know how people get them confused. I am a taco-fan because it’s easy to find corn tortillas to make tacos but I can never find decent corn tortillas that won’t break when you try and burrito them (if I could have wheat ones I would like ’em both)

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