Bakesale for SARA animal sanctuary October 21

Last week I wrote about learning that SARA animal sanctuary is having some difficult times and since then I have been working on putting together a bakesale to hopefully raise some funds. My heart grew at least three sizes when Sugar Tooth Bakery, Happy Vegan Baker, Mr. Natural, Sugar Mama’s, Celeste’s Best, and Capital City Bakery signed on to donate baked goods. That’s almost every vegan friendly bakery in town! We still need a more help though. A lot of folks are going to be out of town at the Texas State Veggie Fair in Dallas over the weekend so if your waffling about weather or not you want to participate, stop it! I know you love dogs and animals and eating baked goods so let’s make this happen. You can sign on to bake or volunteer to help. Or if you aren’t in Austin you can donate to SARA directly. Also please invite your friends to the Facebook event and if you are an Austin blogger, I would love your help promoting the sale, the hardest part is getting people to actually come out.I‘m having a hard time deciding what to make, like always. For the worldwide vegan bakesale in the spring I made ice cream sandwiches with Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies and Banana Ice Cream. They went really fast but now it’s not really ice cream season.

would you eat me?

I also made chocolate TIEs and I think I might make those again too because nerds just can’t resist.

you cannot escape me

But then I was also kind of think I should do something more autumnal like Kittie’s Sweet Potato Hand Pies from Vegan Pie in the Sky or maybe a family recipe for Apple Strudel with Figs. There are so many recipes out there that would be great like, oh, everything on the PPKChai Spice SnickerdoodlesCherry Chocolate Chunk Mini Loaves, and Magical Coconut Bars all sound amazing. Then I always think I should make something gluten free because I love my GF friends and lots of folks always ask for them, I know Manifest Vegan and Cake Maker to the Stars both have tons of great recipes filling that niche. Then I was thinking about making corn empanadas because then everyone could eat them and savory stuff is always fun but then Dan told me he doesn’t like empanadas. WTF who doesn’t like empanadas?

What is your favorite thing to make for bakesales? Or what do you like to buy?

If you have the answer I like best I’ll send you one of whatever I make! Ha!


11 thoughts on “Bakesale for SARA animal sanctuary October 21

    1. lazysmurf Post author

      That was my thinking too but then I thought everyone might be doing that. Decisions decisions.

  1. kittee

    I have an important tip. Make savories!! I am probably never gonna stray from making pretzel dogs ever again because they are fun and fast to make, they sell like whoa, and you can get $3 for just a half a hot dog. Seriously.

  2. mollyjade

    Corn bread + seasonal ingredients is my go to. It’s too bad I won’t be able to bake this time, but I’ll definitely blog when it gets closer to the date.

  3. veganinbrighton

    I wish I was still gonna be in Austin, I’d have loved to have helped out somehow. Like kittee I’m also a fan of savouries at bake sales, we made baked bean & cheezly pasties at our last bake sale and they were super popular. Sweet stuff wise I’m a fan of giant cookies and muffins, especially pumpkin chocolate chip.

  4. Mandee

    You’re awesome for organising this, hun! I really, really want one of those pb oatmeal banana ice cream sammiges, like NOW!

    Our best sellers were decadent cupcakes (banana split, tiramisu, black forest) as well as focaccia (potato rosemary, olive tapenade etc) and almond croissants.

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