Veganmofo: Chipotle rubbed acorn squash tacos with refried beans & mango salsa


I had half a day where I was thinking that I would do an all taco theme for veganmofo and with 30 tacos in 30 days. Then one of my twitter friends suggested breakfast, lunch and dinner of all tacos, as in 90 tacos for 30 days. Kind of like super size me but with tacos. I’ll have to think about it more for next year but I still have tacos on my mind. Actually, I always have tacos on my mind. Like, if I was Willie Nelson, and I was singing this song I would be singing about tacos. Yesterday I talked about being a coffee snob and I’m kind of the opposite when it comes to tacos. I’ll eat any taco any time any where. From Mexican street style to Vietnamese to TexMex, breakfast tacos, jackfruit brisket tacos, dessert tacos, tater tot tacos, al pastor tacos, and raw tacos, I want to try them all.

A while back I came across a recipe for cauliflower chipotle tacos. Normally, I probably would have cruised right by such a recipes but since it came from the kitchen of one of my favorite vegan cookbook authors Terry Hope Romero I pinned it and waited for the perfect time. My plan last night was to use an acorn squash instead of cauliflower since that is what I had and then make baked chimichurri tofu to go with. I got the food processor out and then grabbed the parsley and then realized it was cilantro. I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me in my life, probably about one billion. I ran over to the Mexican meat market to pick some up parsley and they only had cilantro too. So I changed my plan, picked up a mango, and instead made refried beans and mango salsa.

After spending 10 minutes breaking down the acorn squash with a cleaver I finally got to the actual business to making the tacos and they came together really easily and fast. After taking a quick photo I finally got to try them and WOW these tacos were amazing. The spice rub would have been a little intense if the squash had been on it’s own but mixed with the garlicky refried beans, the sweet and spicy mango salsa, and the luscious creamy avocado they together formed a perfect taco. Highly recommended.


21 thoughts on “Veganmofo: Chipotle rubbed acorn squash tacos with refried beans & mango salsa

  1. mollyjade

    I’m going to create a Lazy Smurf doll that talks when you pull a chord. It will say “Where’s my taco?”, “Don’t bother me, I’m in the hammock with the beagles.”, “It’s too hot/cold!” and “!!!”

    I’m gonna be so rich.

  2. kittee

    There is definitely not enough tacos in my life. So sad. I love the sound of yours, but Dazee would never eat these, and I hate making us separate meals. Waaa!
    xo kittee

  3. Jes

    Supersize Me a la awesome vegan tacos sounds like THE jam! I love how simple & nomtastic those acorn squash tacos look–definitely making a variation soon.

  4. Carrie Reed

    Glad to see that you triumphed over an acorn squash! Though I’m sure losing a finger in honor of vegan mofo would get you some serious “cred.” 😛

  5. Mandee

    As soon as I saw that photo I became so hungry and I already had dinner. I want to have tacos with you next year!!!

    Anyway, I like the sound of these with the beans and avo and mango, mmm!

  6. Emmy

    Ok now I need a taco, desperately, and have also realised I don’t eat enough tacos….. will have to rectify this situation very soon starting with these guys.

  7. foodpornsite

    Thanks for the Chipotle rubbed acorn squash tacos with refried beans & mango salsa recipe.
    I’ll create one for sure, my kids are gonna like it 🙂
    If you don’t mind, can you submit your Chipotle rubbed acorn squash tacos with refried beans & mango salsa photo in ?
    It’s a food photography site full of all DIY food pictures from members around the world. Or perhaps you’d like to submit by yourself? Let me know when you did, so I can share it.

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