Ice Cream Social Bus


Seriously. This is an avocado sorbet topped with sea salt, lime, and fried plantains. It’s like the people from Ice Cream Social Bus were sitting around saying, hmm I wonder what Lazy Smurf would really like. This little bus is in the Jessie St Food Trailer Park, which has kind of become one of the most vegan friendly trailer parks in South Austin between Bahn Bahn, Mister Fruit Cup, The Gypsy Kit (tacos with french fries!), and Chocosutra. I had to try the ice cream social bus because they were having Scoutmob deal for 50% off so you should totally go soon. Watch out, they don’t open until 6pm and they were out of quite a few things when we went. No need to worry too much though because there are plenty of other things to enjoy in the vicinity. They have rotating vegan flavors and the avocado sorbet is always on the menu along with popsicles and Italian sodas.


And speaking of ice cream, there are only a couple of days left to join the Sweet Ritual Kickstarter. If you haven’t yet been this Friday night they are having a special meet up with make your own sundaes that can include Red Rabbit Doughnuts and Capital City Brownies!


11 thoughts on “Ice Cream Social Bus

  1. Marie

    I love the look and feel of the Ice Cream Social Bus, and I’m looking forward to trying their fruit sorbets, but I have to admit that the avocado sorbet tasted like frozen guacamole to me. Neither Dan nor I could finish it. I’ve only tried it once though, and that was a while back, so maybe it’s changed?

    1. lazysmurf Post author

      No, I think frozen guacamole is fair enough, we all really liked it! It was so unique. But I LOVE avocado and plantains everybody’s different!

    2. Marie

      It certainly was different.

      I happened to email them back in June asking about their toppings, and they replied that none of them were vegan because of butter or honey. I’m sure things have changed since I wrote to them, but did you happen to ask about the plantains?

    3. lazysmurf Post author

      I didn’t specifically ask but I talked to the guy about vegan options and he knew we were all vegan so I’d be surprised if he buttered me!

    4. Marie

      Just got word from Ice Cream Social that two toppings are vegan now! Both the plantains and the strawberry agave sauce. They also mentioned they have two crazy good sounding vegan flavors this week: dark chocolate with tamari roasted almonds ice cream and orange mint sorbet. We’ll definitely have to give them another visit.

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