Me llamo Taco


I love tacos. I like talking about tacos, taking pictures of tacos, and especially eating tacos. I also love trying new tacos and I kept hearing about Me Llamo Taco which is a trailer that has a couple of vegan options. They just moved from a location on Burnet over to a cute little trailer park in Mueller on Airport. I kind of wish they would move right over by my workplace. Or, actually, there is some room at the end of my driveway which would be way convenient. Then I could eat these tacos every day.



The current vegan menu items are the “Chihuahua” which is chipotle-marinated tofu, topped with grilled nopales and black bean salsa and the “Charfen”, soyriso, potatoes, guacamole and pico de gallo. Although they were both on the teeny tiny side (especially at three dollars a piece) they were both really tasty. I’m not always a big fan of chipotle, it can quickly become overwhelming, but on the Chihuahua the chipotle tofu was perfectly delivered. though I would have liked a few more nopales. The soyriso was tasty too, and now overly greasy as is often the case. The tortillas were great too, though a little overly crisped. They are perfect snack sized tacos and I wish everyone had such well thought out vegan options.


3 thoughts on “Me llamo Taco

  1. Jes

    Again, you slay me with delicious Austin food truck taco pics! But they’re reminding me to play with some soyrizo tacos soon!

  2. kittee

    I’m very disappointed! I was hoping this post would give me the go ahead to start calling you taco, or at least lazytaco. Alas.

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