Papi Tino’s a vegan friendly open air cafe on East 6th

It seems like east sixth street has tons of new places every time I go down there, which is like once a week! I had head that Papi Tino’s was vegan friendly but I then read a discouraging yelp review and wasn’t so sure I wanted to even attempt it. Until, that is, I saw their cocktail menu and realized I would be happy with whatever they came up with. I started with a Pink Bowtie because, um, cute? It had St. Germaine and berry infused deliciousness. I just loved it. 

It was at that point that I looked across the patio and noticed that everyone I could see, including the servers, all appeared female. 

I want to come back another day and wear my pink dress because this is totally the place. Also the menu had multiple vegan options that I’m excited to try. 

I had a hard time deciding between the Champiñion Rellano, a large portabello stuffed with vegetables, the Rollos de Berenjena, eggplant rolls stuffed with vegetables, or the Roja Enchilidas…wait for it…stuffed with vegetables which is what I went for in the end at the server’s recommendation. 

They were tasty, I was really pleased with the finely diced well seasoned vegetables inside which were mostly very fresh tasting zucchini and broccoli. I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t rice and beans or even an option for more because I was hungry before the evening was over; something a little protein heavy would have been nice. I am glad I didn’t get the guacamole because even though I desperatly wanted some, Papi Tino’s is clearly one of those places that is going to charge 9 bucks for 1/4 of a cup of guac with maybe 10 homeade chips. And that, folks, is not how I roll. I think this would be the perfect place to get multiple plates and I hope they add some other interesting vegan sides in the future.


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  1. Shelley

    We stopped in pt for the first time this weekend as well. Not sure if it’s vegan, but I’d so, I highly recommend trying their mole.

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