Get down to Monkeywrench Books for the Bakesale!

Did you know that today (Sunday 4/29) is Austin’s worldwide vegan bakesale AND that I made ice cream sandwiches? IT’S NOT A DREAM! You are not in the Matrix. This shit is really about to go down.
Ice cream Sammie

These ice cream sandwiches are amazing and perfect for breakfast if you are the kind of person that sleeps until noon. But you better get down there before they melt. The bakesale is going on from 12-6 and the new vegan taco cart, the Vegan Nom, is having their grand opening party at the same time! So if you fill up on taco’s and you want a lighter more chocolatey Star Wars based cookie I also made Chocolate TIEs

They are so good and chocolatey that I already sold one to my boyfriend. That’s how hardcore I am about this bakesale folks; no cookies for him.

I know Kristen from Capital City is cooking up a storm of whoopie pies and cupcakes. Wes already made some Macadamia & Trail mix cookies and the Lonestar Plate baked Zucchini Cornbread and Cranberry, Currant, and Fennel Cornbread. So there is even options for you sugar haters and gluten free folks. So please come down and support this wonderful cause!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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