Mr. Natural Goes Serbian! Plus, adds brunch and new menu items!

It seems like lately Mr. Natural, one of our most time-honored vegetarian restaurants, has been going through some really positive changes. First, they added new vegan items to the menu. I wish I could express to you how happy I am that someone in town is making a vegan chile rellano! Now if restaurants would just start making their own cashew or nutritional yeast based sauces I’d be in heaven*. I’m telling you, it’s the answer to outstanding vegan food! Of course, that is my preference and I know tons of vegans are just wild about daiya cheese which is what Mr. Natural is using for their rellano AND the new quesadilla.

Mr. Natural is one of my favorite places for when I am really really hungry and don’t want to wait for some table and talk to some waiter and figure out what’s vegan. For the incredibly impatient they have a buffet with convenient signs pointing out exactly what is and isn’t vegan and you also get to pick out a salad, an entree and two sides. It’s the best thing ever if you have been working really hard one something all day and need to eat now. But maybe you have been working hard on doing absolutely nothing so here’s a little trick; if you can wait, oh, maybe five minutes before you eat you can chose items off the menu and get whatever you like made to order. It’s really the better way because food on the buffet can be a little uneven, especially if you get there closer to close. Which speaking of closing, they are now open until 9pm most days! They also started opening on Sunday 10am-3pm for a brunch buffet at the south lamar location.

I was pretty excited that your choice of fruit or green salad came with the buffet and that waffles were an option! My dream is that in the future they will do a savory fried tofu and waffles!

I also had the spicy tofu scramble and the brown rice. Brunch overall was good and very filling, I’m sure it’s just going to get better and better.  As always I was disappointed that so many of the agua fesca’s contained honey but I was stoked that cantaloupe was ok because if there is one thing I love, it’s fresh cantaloupe. It was so bright and delicious.

What I’m the most excited about is that for reasons I can only guess at, Mr. Natural has decided to have a Serbian night tomorrow April 24th and I just can’t believe it! I didn’t even know there were other Serbs in the area and I hope to meet them as they are sure to swarm the restaurant with me tomorrow night!  

Please join me! We’ll drink slivo in the parking lot to celebrate.

*Actually,  homemade cashew cheese and nutritional yeast sauces will probably happen later this week when Counter Culture has their soft opening!!!!


9 thoughts on “Mr. Natural Goes Serbian! Plus, adds brunch and new menu items!

  1. veganmarie

    This post makes me laugh. Dan and I had that same plate of food on Sunday, and we were both super excited to see the poster about serbian night. I really want to drink slivo in the parking lot with you. Tell me a time, and I’ll be there.

  2. ameyfm

    Oh my gosh, how fun! That is so awesome that they’re doing around-the-world menus! Especially since us vegans usually end up getting the same things at the same places whenever we eat out. I hope the Serbian food is great!

  3. T

    Dobar dan! I didn’t know you were Serbian! I’m in Serbia right now, and not finding a ton of vegan food, but I bet there are so many things you could veganize. I’m really curious what they will serve!

    Have fun!

  4. Dee-Dee

    I love Mr. Natural, I really do! But… I feel this new “invention” is a distraction from some serious problems they have. Why are they consistently out of certain items (veggie chorizo/veggie bacon, etc.)? Why are the corn tortillas almost never ready when the buffet starts (or 30 minutes later, for that matter)? Why has their juicer been out of commission for over a month? I am skeptical of “Wolf,” the one who is supposed to transform the South location. He sits around on his laptop and proudly displays his garish motorcycle on their sidewalk. Did he marry into the Mr. Natural family? I firmly believe the problem lies with the person running the show (probably the daughter). She has good intentions but not enough drive to actually make the South Austin location thrive. I have to go to the original location to get consistently good, well-cooked food. And, I have to say, they have two young women that have been employed there for at least 3 or 4 years. I see a different person at the newer location just about every time I go there. I am eager to see how this plays out, though. I like the idea of a Sunday brunch and the themed nights may be a good idea as well.

    1. reverendlisa

      Dee Dee – Right on.
      We used to be regulars and we were really psyched about some of the new features but in the process of adding, they lost some things. The wait – for ordering, for getting the food after you order, etc. is getting pretty annoying. It didn’t used to be this way. The problems with some of the standards running out more frequently – also annoying.

  5. lazysmurf Post author

    Dee-Dee I think only time will tell! It seems like they have been trying lots of different things, I hope some of them work out! I wonder about the Mr. Natural Family too. Like where is Ms. Natural?

  6. wendy

    i can’t get past that slivo … bc well drink is a good thing — yummy happiness and or we could drink pivo (for us czechs). and people don’t doubt mr. natural!!! i love them in their unwavering delish simplicity. a legend of good.

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