Texas VegFest Countdown – Capital City Bakery

I thought it would be fun to spotlight some of the different things going on at Texas VegFest, because I want you all to go! I want you to LIKE THEM ON FACEBOOK and tell all your friends that this shit is happening. It is going to be so awesome and well worth a trip! 

Sometimes I think I should start sentences in a way other than “I am so excited that….” but, damnit, I do get really excited about things! When Dan told me last night that he was going to make OCCUPIE with Mac Daddy and smoked collards I did a whole interpretive dance. The point is, I don’t have words for how excited I am that Kristen Davenport is opening a new, all vegan Capital City Bakery in April, excited doesn’t cut it!

Kristen delivering Pain Au Chocolate for Dan's Birthday!

I first met Kristen at a bakesale, I think, and from there I tried to weasel my way into her life in an attempt to get as many cupcake castoffs as possible. Lucky for me, she turned out to be a an awesome person too. Her baked treats get better all the time and she has been winning awards left and right so the whole of Texas should be absolutely stoked that they are going to be able to purchase her pastries on a whim soon enough. And you know what, you don’t even have to wait for her Yelp to get filled up with reviews, I can summarize right now what they are mostly going to be like:

“I’m SO not vegan, actually I like to eat [choose one] my weight in butter OR three hams covered in bacon on top of a roasted feral hog at least once a week OR *real* desserts. I went to Capital City Bakery because [choose one] my boyfriend made me OR I read good things and didn’t believe it OR I didn’t know it was vegan and I couldn’t believe how fantastic it was and I am a total expert on pastries since I [choose one] once went to Paris OR studied at Ecole du Cordon Bleu OR blog about cupcakes in Austin. I ate so much that I felt damn lucky that I rode my recumbent bike there.”

But you can beat these yelpers to the punch by going to Texas Veg Fest where Capital City Bakery is debuting their line! Kristen is going to have a booth there and she is one of the festivals organizers. And since I posted this picture you can even say hi. Then you can write your own review or like the bakery on Facebook. (She made me say that last part but you still should do it)


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