Vegan Thanksgiving Options in Austin

Usually I like to spend the entire month of November planning what I am going to make for Thanksgiving. The week before the feast I start preparing things then I do a cooking marathon the day of. I love when it is finally time to sit and eat and I bring dish after dish after dish to the table. It is my favorite holiday! This year I won’t be able to cook anything but luckily there are so many options in Austin for premade meals that I should be good to go!

Wednesday before Thanksgiving plate from Mr. Natural

I tried Mr. Natural’s meal last year and it was pretty good. For 11 dollars you can get a plate of their homemade turkey, dressing, potatoes, vegetables, and cranberry sauce the day before or you can order in larger quantities to put together your own feast at home or bring to an omni hosted gathering. They have a whole menu of things to choose from, including vegan pumpkin pie.

Another great spot to get in the mood for Thanksgiving is of course Counter Culture because this week they will be bringing back the holiday sandwich, which I adore and will be eating every day…or at least once.

the holiday sandwich will fill your belly

Then, the  Wednesday before T-Day Counter Culture will be selling to-go boxes of their own Thanksgiving Feasts. Salisbury Seitan, Golden Gravy, Green Bean Casserole, Roasted Veggies & Wild Rice & Cranberry Sauce are all included for 10 bucks and then Pumpkin or Pecan Pie for an additional $3. Just make sure you RSVP!

Wheatsville always has a ton of good thanksgiving food on their hot bar with plenty more to-go options that are all delicious. The menu has all sorts of stuff, for main dishes they have a tofurkey roast of course but then they also have mushroom farro bundles wrapped in collards, and Leek Roasted Carrots with Tempeh. Then they have a millions sides too including their fab mac and cheese with broccoli and creamy coconut mashed sweet potatoes. They also have a vegan pie selection, appetizers, and frozen field roast items if you prefer.

Happy Vegan Baker will have full meals, including Pumpkin Cheesecake or Maple Pecan Pie and soup that you can order for pickup at the triangle market or the commissary. The main dishes are a choice between Cranberry Wild rice stuffed Acorn squash
or Autumn root veggie Pot Pie but the whole menu looks super. Place  your order by 11/21.

Green Island Catering is probably the best way to go if you are gluten free or doing an engine 2 style diet, even if you aren’t their menu looks really good and they deliver and are the best option, I think, if you are throwing your own feast! You can order by the half pan which serves 8-10 or a full pan of each dish which can serve up to 20. The main entree is a lentil loaf with gravy but they also have roasted Brussels sprouts with bacon, chipotle mac and cheese and green bean casserole. The appetizers all look so good and the apple cobbler sounds like a perfect non pumpkin finish!

Veggytopia is another delivery option packed with old fashioned favorites like Veggie Turkey, Cashew Mushroom Pasta, and Country Kitchen Stuffing. I love stuffing more than anything! I would love to try the Cream Cheese Swirl Pumpkin Pie.

Speaking of dessert, there are two fabulous options by Sugar Tooth Bakery, vegan (and gluten-free) pumpkin pie and Apple Pie Cupcakes! Better order them ahead of time though!

Finally, and most excitingly for anyone that like chocolate, Kristen of Sugar-Skull will be making two types of pie: Pumpkin, and Chocolate Cream. I am sure they are both psychotically good because pretty much everything Kristen makes is the bomb. You can order your own here.

I’m sure Whole Foods has a bunch of stuff too, but this year I am thankful we have so many small and local vegan friendly options that I will be able to avoid the mayhem of Whole Foods!

If you know of anything else I’m missing leave a comment and I’ll add it to the list. If you want to see what I made in years past check out these posts from the years I made the seitan dumplings, the roast, and the roulade.


11 thoughts on “Vegan Thanksgiving Options in Austin

  1. Cindie

    I’m a vegetarian traveling to Austin for a few days next week, thanks for this post! I won’t be there for Thanksgiving, but this post gave me some ideas for places to try. Thanks again!

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  3. Beto Cuellar

    Any ideas on a combination veggie and non veggie restaurant to try in or around Austin on Thanksgiving day. I am trying to accomidate for both.

  4. lazysmurf Post author

    Hi Beto- Here is a list of places that will be serving an omni Thanksgiving meal on Thanksgiving
    Of those places 24 diner and Snack Bar are the only ones I know of that have vegan items on the menu but they aren’t going to be very Thanksgivingy. I would call ahead and see if any of those places, especially the nicer ones like the W and the Four Seasons will accommodate.

  5. Jams

    Thanks for the info. My favorite is Mr Natural’s and I can’t wait until Wednesday. ^_^ I’m in love with their vegan pecan pie. Can’t wait to try out the rest also. I always avoid whole foods, I try and support Austin’s local businesses.

  6. Lindsay Shugerman

    We were so hoping for a vegetarian T-Day option at a restaurant in the area….disappointed that Kereby Lane, home so many veggie meals is not offering a vegetarian version of their Thanksgiving feast. New in town, and not in the mood to cook a big meal for the three of us, so we were hoping that the 2/3 of the family that’s vegetarian could dine out well with the 1/3 that’s looking forward to traditional turkey and fixings. Darn….

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