Team Sunny Day Giveaway!

My friend, and zine contributer, Wes is running a marathon along with some other vegan folks to raise money for Sunny Day Farms Animal Sanctuary. In support of this his training I have decided to go on complete bedrest until he makes it to his fundraising goal! We came up with an awesome idea to raise some funds thanks to inspiration from Katie over at Don’t Eat off the Sidewalk.

The awesome idea is FABULOUS PRIZES from your all of your favorite Texans! 

For ever 10 dollars that you donate to the Crowdrise page you will gain an entry into the prize package giveaway. So if you donate 1,000 dollars you will get 100 entries and probably destroy the competition.

The Grand Prize Package will be a copy of the brand new Blissful Bites (read JL goes Vegan’s review and check out some sample recipes!) a copy of the Sunny Days in Texas zine, some homemade pralines made by Wes himself, some Oatmeal Cream Pies made by Sugar-Skull vegan baker extraordinaire Kristen, a Chili-Making Kit from Chili Queen MollyJade and the world’s best Vegan Queso from Food For Lovers. The Grand Prize will only be available to the US and Canada because I’ll need to ship those delicious baked goods quickly!

The Second Place Winner will get a copy of the zine, a jar of queso, and a chili spice mix and will be open to anyone worldwide.

TO ENTER: Donate at least 10 dollars to Team Sunny Day at Crowdrise. Remember, the more you donate the more chances you have to win. When they send you a receipt, forward that to me veganlazysmurf at gmail dot com and I will save them all until I do the drawing on November 13. Remember to use an email that you check often so I can tell you if you win!

Thanks to everyone for the donations and prizes! We love Sunny Day Farms and want to help those animals live out the rest of their lives in such a wonderful place.


10 thoughts on “Team Sunny Day Giveaway!

  1. jessy

    ooooooo, i might have to donate again. i read Wes’ post on the ppk this past monday and made a donation. i’m thinking i might have to give it another go – i want those prailines and the chili-making kit!!!!

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  5. ameyfm

    wooooot! what a GREAT PRIZE. I totally donated, which I wanted to do anyway, but now there is the added incentive of a great prize. What a great way to solicit donations. 🙂 Good luck!

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