Sunny Days in Texas: Mexican Hot Dog

Q. When is a taco not a taco?
A. When it’s a Mexican hot dog!This monstrosity of awesomeness was inspired by the one and only Mo’ Betta Vegan and her recipe for a Mexican Hot Dog. In general I’m not a hot dog fan, I think I have too many memories of being icked out by the knowledge of what was in them as an omni that I have trouble with the vegan version. Or it might be that I am not a fan of traditional American condiments like mustard, relish, sauerkraut, or pickles. Thank goodness Mo changed my hot dog eating ways by introducing me to the Mexican Hot Dog.

We made the chipotle mayo first and liked it so much that we are going to put it on everything else the rest of the week. Then the smart dog was topped with Food For Lover’s queso, soyrizo, avocados, salsa, and grilled onion and mustard for Dan. We ate these incredibly messy but so tasty creations while watching community in honor of Mo. Or really just because we hadn’t seen last week’s episode yet. The Buffy background in the hot dog shot is totally in her honor.

Every post this month for Veganmofo will be celebrating the recipes in the zine Sunny Days in Texas, a fundraiser cookzine to help Sunny Day Farms Animal Sanctuary.


8 thoughts on “Sunny Days in Texas: Mexican Hot Dog

  1. Jes

    Ok, wow, I need that. In my mouth. Right now. Good gracious that looks amazing! I’m such a fan of chipotle mayo too, mmm!

  2. Mandee

    How good was the most recent episode of Community?! I loved it.

    I never eat hot dogs, I’d have to make my own but I would totally love one of these 🙂

  3. Mo

    YEESSS! That episode of Community was seriously amazing! And thanks so much for the Buffy love. Season 2 for eva!!!

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