Sunny Days in Texas: Breakfast Taco Guide

This morning I had a breakfast taco with veggie chorizo and roasted potatoes on a spelt tortilla because I am a lucky mofo. If you live outside of Texas acquiring breakfast tacos may be a little more difficult than stopping at your local whole foods where you can choose from a panoply of vegan ingredients. That is why I have written a guide to making your own tacos at home, and included a revised version in the Sunny Days in Texas zine. People in the rest of the world seem to have some strange notions about what is and isn’t breakfast and why everything should be in a taco. So I am hoping to finally set the record straight. Once an Austinite friend of mine went on a roadtrip to California and got into a fight with his waiter about whether something was a burrito or a taco. You don’t want this to happen to you so read the guide and eat a taco.

If you are reading this blog from outside of Texas, I’m curious, can you get breakfast tacos where you are? Let me know so I can plan my next trip. I know they have them on Maui and in Chicago and then there are the Dutch tacos (that aren’t really tacos) in Portland.

Every post this month for Veganmofo will be celebrating the recipes in the zine Sunny Days in Texas, a fundraiser cookzine to help Sunny Day Farms Animal Sanctuary.


5 thoughts on “Sunny Days in Texas: Breakfast Taco Guide

  1. Mandee

    I haven’t seen breakfast tacos or burritos available anywhere here!

    And I was so surprised about the bean fritters too, I ate about 4 and kept waiting to feel sick because I’d recently read a post where someone made them self sick with undercooked beans :/ I don’t think I’d eat them very often and the mix smelt like wet mung beans, haha

  2. Jes

    You are a lucky Mofo! I’m such a sucker for good veggie breakfast tacos…love them with veggie chorizo especially!

  3. kayci

    displaced texan living in portland and GOOD GOD do i miss breakfast tacos. especially when im hungover.

  4. Mo

    Hell no. I’ve never really seen breakfast burritos here. I once had one at this weird Thai/American fusion place in LA, though. It’s no taco.

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