Happy Birthday Counter Culture!

I can’t believe Counter Culture is only two, I remember going over as soon as I heard about it, so excited that there was finally a vegan trailer in Austin, and thinking “wow she must make her own seitan and cheese”. Since then, so many trailers have come and gone but Counter Culture has really made such an impact on our community. It seems like every time there is a vegetarian meet up or any other animal loving event the wonderful Sue is always willing to host. Just a few months ago I went to a Vegans Rock Austin meetup and she had made a special menu of chicken fried seitan with the works which was maybe my favorite thing ever, although it’s hard to say since I have loved so many of the specials I’ve had over the years. Brunch has become a can’t miss Sunday event for a lot of people whenever she has it and it is fun to always meet someone new….or someone I follow on Twitter….every time I go. 

If you love Counter Culture too or you have never been but you like corndogs come celebrate at their birthday party this Saturday! They are going to have bands and swimming pools and corn dogs and the specials this week sound amazing! Watermelon Gazpacho! TLTs! Ice cream treats!! I’m so excited!!!


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