Cool It Down in Austin TX

Yesterday I was wandering around thinking about who has the best snow cones in town. When I went to research this very important subject on my magical computing device I found a bunch of maps to frozen treats in our wonderful but hot city and noticed they all contained places that choose not to serve vegan items. So I thought I would make a vegan google map of my favorite spots. It’s what I do. If I missed one of your favorite spots let me know in the comments and I will add it to the google map.

There are a LOT of other snow cone places and ice cream men (why are they all men? Someone needs to blog about THAT) circle my neighborhood at most hours of the day so I didn’t add everything, just everything noteworthy.

image by Lomo-Cam

Now if someone would just open a bar with alcoholic snow cones and a swim up bar then I’ll be in heaven.


11 thoughts on “Cool It Down in Austin TX

  1. mollyjade

    Shannon, is the non-dairy creamer at Teal Lounge actually vegan? I emailed once and never got a response. Most non-dairy creamers have milk in them.

  2. Sarah C

    I just spent last week in Austin with your food guide: thank you very much! We had many a great meal (went to Bouldin Creek twice because that tofu scramble just cannot be beat). Toy Joy, Conscious Cravings, etc….Austin is a great food town, and I really appreciated your helpful guide.

    1. lazysmurf Post author

      I’m so happy it helped sounds like you hit a lot of my favorites! Thanks for your sweet comment it made my day!

  3. Sarah C

    Yah! I’m glad I could make you smile, esp. after you made our tummies so happy for so many days!

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