Maui no ka oi

First time blogging from my phone so I don’t know how it will look! I have been in Maui for most of this last week and we have had the most amazing time ever. Hawaii is unlike anywhere I have been and jeez, it is so easy to travel too, once you get passed the long flight! It is really expensive but everything is just so nice, glorious views, fantastic food with tons of vegan options, super friendly people, and just easy lovely traveling. Here are some pics, the food is soy fish hot pot from Fresh Mint









More later!

5 thoughts on “Maui no ka oi

  1. jessy

    i was instantly relaxed scrolling down and looking at the awesome pictures. wow. just wow! now i want more! 😀

  2. margot

    Stephanie! OMG, it’s soooooo beautiful. Love the old-timey framing you have on some of those photos. Pretty please hug a palm tree for me.

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