heading somewhere over the rainbow

taken by sk8ell, click it to check out all of her pics they are amazing

I am so excited for this day to end. After work I’m going to a show and then tomorrow fly to Hawaii for the next few weeks. My plan is to photo blog a little bit from my phone but who knows, no promises.



6 thoughts on “heading somewhere over the rainbow

  1. margot

    hope you had fun at the show last night and your flights go well today.
    you have an incredible adventure ahead! i’m really excited for you :o)

  2. Amanda

    Ooooh, Hawaii is wonderful! Have a great time! I’m very curious to know what vegan options are available on whatever islands you visit.

  3. jessy

    have an amazing time! looking forward to all the awesome pictures and reading about all the delicious eats! oh yeah, and i’m totally jealousfaced!

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