Technically Still Spring Weekend

The calendar says April but I can tell you that the dog days of summer are already starting. To find out the seasons I use actual dog science. In the spring the dogs enjoy sitting outside enjoying their lives, they have energy, some would even say a zest for life. Here they are happily hanging out in the garden a couple weeks ago:

Once summer starts though those dogs don’t like to do much of anything. Frankly neither do I but they usually give up first and that is how I can tell that summer has started. 

In my house you can tell that winter has started because you can’t find the dogs anymore because they are under blankets. It really works well.

Anyway, I still managed to get out a little this weekend. On Friday I tried to go to Sunflower but I guess it burned down so instead I went next door to another Vietnamese restaurant Pho Van. Although they had a lot of pho and tofu dishes the ridiculously nice lady who took our order told me that the tofu vermicelli was the only item that was vegan. She also gave me a hug so I definitely put the experiance in the win category. Even though they didn’t have vegan crepes, I was pretty happy with the noodle bowl. Although I would have liked more herbs the tofu was really good and unique with a great texture. 

On Sunday I went to vegan brunch at counter culture and I am glad I got there early because I heard they sold out in record time. Here is a shock: everyone wants vegan brunch on Sunday! I know can you believe it? I can’t believe a vegan restaurant hasn’t opened yet that does it right like Vita in Portland or the Chicago Diner in Chicago. Really, I just wish the Chicago Diner would open here. Or better yet, I hope that Counter Culture becomes a full fledged restaurant that is open all the time because sometimes you just want tempeh bacon and french toast for breakfast.  

After brunch  I did a lot of the Austin Art Yard tour which was really fun. Basically, you drive around to the places selected by the tour and just let yourself in to people’s backyards. It feels really awkward but I met a lot of nice folks. Now I want to build a tepee in the backyard for me and the dogs to get out of the sun. Here are some pictures.

This one house had the entire lawn edged with bowling balls, it was really impressive.

There are a couple more on flickr if you are interested, it is a really fun event.

And if you don’t live in Austin it is a really fun thing to check out when you come to visit, especially the Cathedral of Junk.  The Art Yard Tour site even gives a list of places you can drive by with a (non google) map.


4 thoughts on “Technically Still Spring Weekend

  1. Jes

    I would love to have a giraffe like that in my yard! Also, the tofu vermicelli looks super yummy. Enjoy the warm weather–I’m hoping we can get some to stick up here!

  2. jessy

    i’m totally gonna check out the rest of the pictures on flickr. from what you have here it’s really awesome, inspiring, and super fun! i can imagine it does feel a little awkward letting yourself into people’s back yards, but getting to meet some neato burrito folks is the bee’s knees! a tipi would be awesome for you and the pups to enjoy in the back yard – especially on those dog days of summer. my aunt has her tipi exhibit up at the brookly museum and i saw it a few weeks ago; it was really neat to learn about them and i think it’s awesome people still use them today! they’re so fork’n bad ass!

    there’s a place around here that has vegan brunch on sundays and they are always busy as all gets out. tempeh bacon and french toast is such a delicious way to start your morning. also delicious – your tofu vermicelli. sadfaced on #1. your first option for eats having burnt down & #2. only having one vegan option. but you’re right – getting a hug makes it all better!

    i think you should totally include photos of the dogs in every post. especially more photos of them sleeping and lounging around. when julie is sleeping i could watch her forever. i love when she has her eyes closed. so hard. it makes me smile and i feel so relaxed and happyfaced. dog science is the best – and a true teller of the weather and the seasons, indeed!

  3. Kiersten

    I love the photos from the Art Tour. There are things like that here in Charlotte, too, and I have been dying to check one out. I can tell that summer is here too because my dog and cat lay outside on the deck all day, in the sun. Your dogs are so cute 🙂

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