Aster’s Ethiopian Restaurant

There is something about a buffet that is both thrilling and dangerous. As someone who loves to try food it can be overwhelming because I want to try every single thing. As a total cheapskate I then want to go back for more. I think a lot of people are this way so buffets usually have pretty low caliber food. My experience at Aster’s Ethiopian Restaurant was just the opposite. Everything I sampled was either good, awesome, or omg.

Aster’s is a pretty tiny place directly off I-35 and Dean Keaton on what is probably one of Austin’s least visually stimulating strip of real estate where you can view both the lower deck and the upper deck of 35. The small restaurant has an Ethiopian theme with pictures and even some ingredients for sale. The staff is friendly and are happy to tell you what is in everything.

The Lunch buffet has meat and vegetarian items but everything is clearly labeled and separated so you won’t make any mistakes. There are a lot of vegan items. More than I could try.Ethiopian food is served with Injera which is kind of like a spongy crepe. They are delicious and at Aster’s you can help yourself with as many as you like. Everything I had was good and my Gatti’s pizza loving boss was happy too.

They serve dinner as well but instead of the buffet you can either get one item or a combination plate. I highly recommend Aster’s, especially if you are a fan of food with a lot of seasoning and spices although it isn’t hot. I wish they would start a delivery service.


10 thoughts on “Aster’s Ethiopian Restaurant

  1. April

    This is too funny – I just went to Aster’s yesterday with my parents and am writing up a review right now! *laugh* I’ve never been to Aster’s buffet before; just never made it to that part of town around lunchtime. It’s great to know that they are really good about separating the meat and veggie items. Your photo is really good – thanks for posting this!

  2. Lauren Marie

    I have spent one day in Austin ever (tragic, I know) and Aster’s was where I wound up eating lunch and I loved it. I kept their business card in my wallet for a few years to remind myself of the deliciousness.

  3. atokitfo

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