Valentine’s Day

My man and I have been together for many years now but we have never been really into Valentine’s Day. Actually, on the first one we shared he went all out decorating and buying me The Bodyguard on DVD (some say it is the greatest love story of our time) but since then it has all been kind of meh. This year for whatever reason it hit me that I celebrate all sorts of holidays that I don’t care about like St. Patrick’s Day and Independence Day so why not Valentine’s day. Lucky for me my partner played along and got me flowers and fabulous cupcakes from Sugar Mama’s and I made the best meal ever and we watched a movie that was significantly worse than the Bodyguard.

Unfortunately with all the revelry I took really horrible pictures on my phone but I am going to post them anyway because it was so good. We started with the baked brie from The Complete Guide to Vegan Food Substitutions which was may be my favorite part of the whole meal. Going to four stores to find roasted macadamia nuts for the recipe was totally worth it (whole foods got rid of their nut roasting counter! Central Market had them). Next time I will back off on the agave though because it was really sweet. After that we had a spinach salad with niçoise olives and blood oranges. Then the main course was gnocchi with a creamy mushroom sage sauce, topped with frizzled leeks and roasted asparagus. 

The only problem was this portion was way too filling. See all those gnocchi on my plate? I tried to eat them all. I made the sauce by caramelizing some onions, adding garlic, sage, white beans, earth balance, and a little bit of creamy mushroom soup. The leeks were roasted in the oven with lemon,a little bit of clove and ginger and the asparagus were roasted with salt and lemon because why mess with perfection.

Definitely better than typical Monday night fare.


3 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day

  1. jessy

    sweet jeebus, i literally (and i don’t use that word lightly because i don’t particulary care for it) drooled a little when i read what you two ate on valentine’s day. i’ve GOTTA get my hands on The Complete Guide To Vegan Substitutions, fo ‘sho! baked brie – now that’s what i’m talk’n about. and gnocchi, oooooooh my goodness. then you just had to go and top it off with leeks. squeeeeeeeee!

    before i forget – dan and i finally made your gallo pinto this past sunday night. my dumb ass thought we had black beans and sure enough we didn’t – so we cooked up some pintos instead. but anyways…….’twas ridiculously good. i mean, like amazingly awesome! dan was totally skeptical at first when i was toasting up spices and such – he wouldn’t shut up about how crazy delicious it was. i cannot thank you enough for posting your recipe – not only did it rock the most socks, but it fed us for a few days and leftovers were divine wrapped up in burrito shells, too. mmmmmmm!

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