Sunny Day Farms

On Sunday d I traveled to San Antonio with some friends to volunteer at Sunny Day Farms Animal Sanctuary. It was a beautiful day to travel to the farm and we got to pet and be enamored by a lot of different animals. We also heard their heartbreaking stories of abuse and neglect that led to them ending up at the sanctuary. Sunny Day is the largest farm animal sanctuary in Texas. It certainly seems like a struggle to get the message across here in meat country where the laws in general are lax and animals can just get shipped to Mexico to avoid humane treatment laws.  In addition to taking care of so many sweet animals at the farm, they also do a lot of education and tours for children and adults. I highly recommend taking the tour, especially if you have a family with little kids or anyone that likes to rub some serious bellies. They are also in very serious need of donations and you can even sponsor an animal! They will send you a certification of adoption along with a biography of your animal and, of course, a picture. Every year, in my office, we sponsor farm animals and keep their pictures up and it is a great way to get conversationd started. In the past we have always sponsored at Farm Sanctuary but this year we will have to switch so I can tell everyone that they can go and see our animal.

I was really excited to meet Natalie the pig because I knew just where she would want to be scratched since I am convinced our beagle is part pig.

I found out my friend Wes is a goat whisperer.

And that Sue and Daniela can make friends with a burro

Just like our dogs, the goats liked to cuddle in the sun

And we saw a serious cock

It was great to be at the farm and help out, especially after being all cooped in from the snow day. I even did some work. If you are an Austinite and want to go with us on future trips check out Vegans Rock Austin where all the organizing happens. 

I also have a lot more pictures on flickr. After the trip to the farm we drove over to San Antonio to check out Greens, San Antonio’s only vegetarian cafe! I was so excited to try stuff from their dessert case that was all vegan that everyone raved about.

But after the Buffalo Tofu

and portabello steak with kale, mashed potatoes and gravy and stealing nearly all of my new friend Pete’s sweet potato fries. I couldn’t eat another thing

I just wanted to nap the whole way home.


8 thoughts on “Sunny Day Farms

  1. jessy

    crazy awesome on getting to help out Sunny Day Farms. dan and i like to sponsor animals for people as gifts and to date we’ve always used Farm Sanctuary, but we’ll be sponsoring our next animal for a friend from Sunny Day Farms, fo ‘sho! i’ll have to send them a donation as well – i’m all about helping out some awesome peeps! the goats are adorable, i’ve never seen them cuddling before. the piggy is the cutest ever, and i just want to take the little burro home. awwwwww! all the noms from Greens look rock’n, too – i would have totally taken a bunch of cuppies home to stuff my face with later on. you have better self control than i do!

  2. Jes

    Sunny Day Farms looks amazing! I’m just loving that picture of the cuddle goats, be still my goat-adoring heart! Also amazing how post-snow-day you guys are wearing t-shirts, so jealous!

  3. allularpunk

    oh my! i wish so much that there was a farm sanctuary type place near me where i could volunteer and hang out with goats and burros and pigs. i think it would do my heart and soul good. you’re lucky to be close to such a place!

    the food looks bangin’ also. but i’m just overwhelmed right now by my need to hug a goat.

  4. Mo

    I had no idea there was a sanctuary in SA! Bah. This post really makes me miss home. Especially, with all those adorable animals.

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