Dinger VS the cold

It got really cold the other night so I had to cover up a just planted fig tree in preparation for a freeze. Later while I was making dinner. I heard Dinger barking. I finally went outside to see what he was freaking out about and saw he was barking at the blanket, from across the yard. I love my dog.

I haven’t been leaving the house very much due to the chilly weather. I have been staying in, sewing and doing cross stitch, cuddling with beagles, drinking hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps, and rewatching Battlestar Galactica. If only we had a fireplace life would be perfect. I have also been doing a cookbook challenge since I recently got so many new cookbooks. My plan is too cook from each cookbook for a week and then write a review for the blog, Library Thing and Amazon. I also want to start working on my garden the second it starts getting warmer, hopefully next weekend.


3 thoughts on “Dinger VS the cold

  1. Jessica

    hey you’ve got one of those star-wars looking composters. Tyler was just posting about getting one in her blog. how do you like it? does it really work? my compost method is usually 1. put in heap 2. cover heap 3. come back in a year to check on it.

    1. lazysmurf Post author

      It seems to be working pretty well. I keep adding more stuff to it so it isn’t finished but there is definitely compost in there and it never gets full. I got it with the rebates and I am really glad I got it. I already want a second one though so I can have one that is finishing and one that is starting.

  2. Celia

    Awesome! I’m trying to grow a fig tree on my balcony this year. Got it planted before the freeze, so hopefully it will grow ok. 🙂

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