This is the end…. or is it? (it’s not)

The end of veganmofo is here. In it’s honor I have posted Boyz II Men’s Spanish Version of End of the Road. If you think this is because I am out of my mind you are dead wrong, this is exactly what my mind is like.

Since it is the last day and I’m not going to blog for a while I thought someone out there (me) might want a wrap up of all the rice and beans recipes I did this month.

My favorite was, without a doubt, Frijoles Refritos (vegan refried beans)

other great recipes I tried or made up that I liked were

Arroz Verde

Gallo Pinto

Mushroom Beans and Garlic Rice

Riso Rosso and Roman Beans

Drunken Beans and Seitan Chorizo

Morning Spiced Rice

My favorite post was the video I made from the Austin Chili Cook-off, it was a ton of fun


and if you are in the mood for one more video check out so so vegan beans and rice



8 thoughts on “This is the end…. or is it? (it’s not)

  1. Sarah C.

    have a nice break! those refritos and the arroz verde were awesome for last night’s dinner. I am thinking I need to have that rice on hand at all times, like a perpetual batch going in the fridge. And my husband wanted to shove all of the beans in his mouth at one time. I guess I’ll have to try some of your other rice and bean recipes now!

  2. jessy

    i love it! hooray for Boyz II Men! every now and again dan will bust out singing one of their songs – cracks me up. i am suuuuper excited about making your gallo pinto AND the refried beans (i just need to gather a few more ingredients for that one). ooooh, i can’t wait! love the MoFo wrap up and i’ve enjoyed reading along! enjoy the break and i look forward to reading many more of your posts. superw00t!

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