Thanksgiving- the meal that, thank god, lives on as leftovers

Our Thanksgiving this year was pretty awesome. I decided to have it much later than usual which was a disaster because I was so hungry that I felt like I was going to pass out and it was dark so the pictures turned out terrible. But the eating….oh the eating…was amazing.

I made the vegan turkey roast from Everyday Dish first, I added some smoked paprika and basted it with soy sauce, liquid smoke, and oil which made a really nice coating. It was super easy and will be great for Thanksgiving sandwiches.

The Brussel Sprouts with chorizo were really tasty, but not as good as the sprouts we usually have. Next year it is back to tradition!

My favorite part was the Oaxacan Dressing but I didn’t take a picture! It looked just like the one from the recipe on Saveur so I am posting that, it had chiles, fennel, prunes, and cumin and was so delicious. The only thing I did was replace the eggs with ground flax seeds blended with water and it worked perfect.The Roasted Cranberry Sauce with cinnamon, cardamom and jalapeño was also a winner. It had port in it so it was sweet and delicious with a little bit of spicy. We all really enjoyed it.

And here is the shot of my full plate with the mushroom gravy, the mac daddy, and everything. As you can imagine I did not have seconds and we spent the rest of the night on the couch or the floor. It was perfect.

Happy Thanksgiving!


5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving- the meal that, thank god, lives on as leftovers

  1. Michelle

    Gotta love a yummy food coma, hehe. Everything looks amazing! I waited to eat late, and had that pass-out/must-eat-now moment too. And then, I ate too much.

  2. jessy

    oh, wow!!!! i love it all! i’m sorry that the brussels weren’t as excellent as they have been in the past, but i’m glad they were really tasty! the dressing sounds wonderful – i NEVER would have thought that fennel, prunes, and cumin would have made for such a delicious combination. i need to try something like your cranberry sauce – i like that yours had a little kick to it. huzzah for making one awesome roast and mac daddy, too?! yay!

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