Pumpkin Dumplins

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. Sure New Years is a blast and we all love Casimir Pulaski Day day but Thanksgiving is the best. You don’t have to buy people presents or get dressed up or go “out”, you just stay in, feast, drink wine, and maybe watch a movie. I have spent so much time in the last week deciding what to make and really it is just silly. I can make those dishes any time if I want to, but I guess  it is different; Thanksgiving should be crammed in with as much good food as you can figure out how to fit on your table.

I saw this beautiful page of vegetarian recipes on the New York Times the other day and I knew I had to make the pumpkin dumplings. I am kind of a dumpling fanatic and I had never thought or heard of a pumpkin dumplin, but it makes so much sense! And if you drop the ‘g’ they even rhyme.  We did a couple of substitutions to the original recipe, regular flour instead of gluten-free, and ground flax instead of eggs and they worked beautifully and were very quick to make. The dumplings were very doughy and reminded me of Thanksgiving stuffing; they were very similar in texture. We had the dumplings on top of Thanksgiving spiced rice (sage, celery, thyme, and onions) and it was a great little quick  precursor to the feast.


6 thoughts on “Pumpkin Dumplins

  1. sophia

    yay casimir pulaski day! when i was growing up in chicago it was a big deal. it wasn’t until i went to college in california that i learned that no one else had ever heard of good old pulaski (at least until sufjan stevens named a song after him).

  2. jessy

    i think halloween and thanksgiving are my two favorite holidays. not having to buy gifts = the best, ’cause it stresses me out and i don’t care for all that shopping and money spent in crap people don’t really need. (now i’m sounding kinda scroogelike. eek!) oh yes, and ground hog’s day, but i just tell that to dan because his birthday falls on it. ha! i’m also all about stuffing as much deliciousness into one day as i can, and we watch a movie or two as well. love. it. your pumpkin dumplins look magnificent – and i let out a little squeeeee when i read that the recipe is gluten-free to begin with. i’ve gotta get my dumplins on with all this canned pumpkin i stocked up on. ah ha ha!

  3. Fanny

    Thanks for the link to the recipes! A LOT from there sounds great I think. I’ll try the dumplings with your changes! Did you use the same amount of flour?

  4. Mandee

    You make a good point about not having to buy gifts, that is such a bonus. We should declare other holidays gift-free too!

    That meal looks amazingly good, I don’t think I’ve ever made any kind of dumplings so these should be my first!

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