Mushroom Beans, Garlic Rice, and Experimental Broccoli

When I went to school in Olympia I learned to hate the word experimental. To me it became synonymous with really bad performance art usually involving movement, multiple projectors, and sometimes primal screaming. So when Mr. Smurf asked me last night “what’s for dinner” and I started to tell him about how it was experimental broccoli a loud klaxon should have sounded in my brain instantaneously.  

It all started with best of intentions. I have this book called New American Table that I love to look through and one recipe that I  was really interested in was tea poached bok choy. Over at What Does a Vegan Eat Anyway they are always smoking something with tea and it just looks fantastic and fun so I thought I could do it too.

First, I started the Garlic Rice, by sautéing six cloves of garlic in a little olive oil, then adding a cup of rice after a few minutes, sautéing until a little brown then adding a cup of water and some salt covered and let steam.

Then, once that got steaming, I started the Mushroom Beans. I tossed a carton of precut mushrooms in my skillet seared them, added a little water, a can of white beans and about a teaspoon of mushroom soy sauce (healthy boy is my favorite) and let that sauté for a few minutes while the mushrooms cooked.

So far this is the world’s easiest beans and rice meal besides completely plain beans and rice and  I should have just gone simple with the broccoli like braising it with a little ginger or garlic like usual. But damnit, it is veganMoFo so I need to step out of my comfort zone. Especially when there are people like Vegan in Brighton making things they don’t even think they like! And making them look beautiful!

Instead I made a sauté of 3 cloves of garlic, a teaspoon of sliced ginger, two sliced shallots and cooked them for about three minutes. Then I added two crowns of broccoli, cooked that for a minute, then added 2 cups of water, 2 orange spice tea bags, some salt and some agave.

It wasn’t as bad as the play I saw where people were crawling around on their bellies yelling “monster” until they all “died”. Really, it wasn’t bad at all. My main problem was that I cooked it for a little two long so the tea tasted bitter and the broccoli was overcooked. I think the technique would work a lot better with quicker cooking bok choy ….like…um.. in the original recipe.

The rice and beans though were an easy easy easy winner. I will eat it again next time I am tired/poor/alone/busy/hungry.


9 thoughts on “Mushroom Beans, Garlic Rice, and Experimental Broccoli

  1. Kiersten

    I love experimental foods! Sometimes my crazy experiments are my favorite things. (And yes, other times they are a complete disaster) That sounds like a meal I would come up with on-the-fly too.

  2. jessy

    i’m sorry the broccoli got all overcooked and the tea was too bitter, but the mushroom beans & rice being a hit = yay!

    i think i would have had to gotten up and left that crazy play. did you?! i totally would have. my brother’s an artist, and some of the stuff he does is experimental-ish. sometimes it’s really cool, and sometimes i secretly shake my head. it’s kinda hit or miss, fo ‘sho!

  3. Mandee

    Your dinner doesn’t sound nearly as bad as that play does! And I think the plate looks so appetising! Beans, rice and broccoli = yum!

    And I think I still preferred the Viva Vegan refried beans recipe over the one I linked to in my blog. The one I linked to doesn’t use much oil (I increased it a little) so it wasn’t that creamy. But I’ve only tried those two recipes, I’ve never had refried beans any other way.

    I actually searched your blog for a refried beans recipe because I thought if anyone would have their own awesome recipe it would be you! 😀

  4. Shannon

    Did we go to school together? I wish, but my experimental school was in Boulder. Luckily the performing arts campus was separate.

    Oh, yes, the food! The rice and beans sound tasty as hell. 🙂

  5. Mo

    It wasn’t as bad as the play I saw where people were crawling around on their bellies yelling “monster” until they all “died”.
    This made me snort!

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