The Steeping Room at the Domain

Update 5/31/2018 The Domain location is closed, there is a newer location at 4400 North Lamar

For the longest time I had been avoiding “The Domain”. It’s not like it’s very hard to avoid since I don’t ever go shopping and live in South Austin and it is really far north. But, there have been a few times it has come up (like when my mom comes to visit) that I had to actively avoid it. When they built the large outdoor shopping mall it was touted as being a high end shopping mall for a certain kind of luxury shopper. Having an inherent hatred of shopping, things that are expensive, driving across town, and perfume it just isn’t my scene. But I kept hearing about this little tea shop called “The Steeping Room” that was very vegan friendly that I had to try it.

I’m so glad I did. As shopping malls go, I actually liked the domain. It had all the normal stores but since you can walk around outside it doesn’t suck your soul out as much and I am not coughing, sneezing, and crying from the department store’s perfume.

The Steeping Room itself was a nice little cafe with a little bit of outdoor seating and a kind of fancy chain feel if you know what I mean, pleasant. It was very bright inside with lots of white and little tables. The place was packed when we went and they immediately brought us their extensive tea menu that had a thousand different kinds of tea with lots of information about tea. My friend and I chose the Earl Grey because we are fans and it was described as “the best earl grey tea you will ever have. I think it was! Then we ordered dinner. I got the Buddha bowl which was rice, lentils, baked tofu, sweet potatoes, greens, and for the sauce I chose the cashew cream sauce. It was pretty good, very healthy and filling but a little lacking for me. The tofu was really dry and the bowl reminded me of one I had at Blossoming Lotus which was especially  good. Maybe I should tell the steeping room about soy curls because I liked them much better in a bowl like this!

They also have lots of different vegan options for dessert, or I guess they usually do but when we went  it was just a vegan cupcake which was fine by me!

The cupcake was perfect! The frosting was luscious and creamy and the cake was moist and delicious. I definitely recommend the Steeping Room. Especially if your mom is town or you like shopping. Or live north. And as a word of warning, if you stare at this picture of the cupcake long enough you might go into a trance that only a cupcake can revive your from so LOOK AWAY!


14 thoughts on “The Steeping Room at the Domain

  1. jessy

    whenever i see cuppies i totally want them. and i have been known to reduce a recipe so dan and i get 1 cuppy each to enjoy. i might just have to do some baking tonight. ah ha ha! so awesome on the mall being outside – i can totally see how that sucks less of your soul. the smells in all the malls i’ve been to are exactly the reason i only go to one once a year – to get my sister an Ann Taylor Loft gift certificate for christman. that’s enough for me. you know, the lighting in malls always bothers me, that and the fact that people forget how to walk when they’re in a mall – it drives me nuttyboos. i’m glad the cupcake was yummy and made up for the so-so buddha bowl. the bowl looks great, but i can totally see how it might be lacking. i think a soy curl suggestion would be a good one!

  2. Kathryn

    The Domain isn’t really evil, but I understand your hesitation in stopping by there. I love that the whole complex is dog friendly, and even my big dog was welcome at the stores there. Steeping Room is a great find, too. My favorite time to go is during happy hour, when I can order a tea cocktail (mocktail?) and get a discount on food. Cheers!

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