Happy Halloween and VeganMofo!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was really low key. Sometimes I wish that I was a celebrity so that I could just check in some nice place with exhaustion but someone told me those people aren’t really just exhausted. I did leave the tranquility of my house once to go to Counter Culture for the “Praise Seitan Brunch”. I had Pumpkin French Toast with Blood Orange Cashew Cream and it was so good and extremely filling. I loved the cashew cream sauce, it was just a little bit orangey and very luscious, the french toast itself was also thick and very creamy because of the pumpkin. It was a such a decadent breakfast that I wanted to nap directly after.

My friend Daniela had the best costume there for sure but she couldn’t use a fork.

I carved a pumpkin and waited for trick-or-treaters to scare with its terrifying carrot nose.

But they were a lot more scared by my “big dogs” that ran up to the door every time they walked up to the house. The dogs are terrifying. Dinger and Willow were really confused why little people kept coming to the door and getting treats when they didn’t get hardly anything.  They did eat some of the pumpkin but considering they are beagles, it is to be expected.


14 thoughts on “Happy Halloween and VeganMofo!

  1. jessy

    happy Vegan MoFo you, too! wahooooooooo! Dinger & Willow are sooooooo adorable – just see’n them relaxing around makes me feel all calm and chilled out. i might have to see if our dogs julie & jasmine would like pumpkin – i bet they would and i’m gonna give it a go sometime, fo ‘sho. your friend’s Edward Scissor Hands costume = the absolute best! dan and i didn’t dress up this year, instead we just answered the door and distributed large amounts of swedish fish & sour patch kids to the trick or treaters, and our pups were also confused as to why all the visitors got treats. ah ha ha! “Praise Seitan Brunch” sounds rock’n, and that pumpkin french toast looks beyond awesome! bring on the carb coma. yay!

  2. Jes

    Cute pup overload! And amazing french toast overload–sounds like the perfect low key Halloween. & Happy Mofo!

  3. Kiersten

    Your friend’s costume is awesome! That french toast sounds amazing! I’ve been dying to try making a pumpkin french toast, but my store hasn’t started carrying canned pumpkin this season yet.

  4. Lexi

    The best costumes are the ones where you can’t pee, eat or function properly in general.
    That french toast is LUSCIOUS. Why haven’t I made that?! YUM.

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