Barbecued Soy Curls

I wish Wheatsville would start carrying soy curls. Every time I go on a trip I have to stock up. Sure, I could order them and I could also hire a butler bring me a plate of olives and peeled champagne grapes while I am lounging in the solid gold hammock. In other words, it’s not going happen until I win the lottery and I am not going to win the lottery because I don’t play. I’ll just have to continue to look like a jackass every time I go through airport security to explain to the TSA folks why most of my luggage is weird looking dehydrated  strips because soy curls are awesome and totally worth it. Super healthy, easy to make, wonderfully textured, and cheap they area really a vegan dream come true. I read an article on Oregon Live the other day about Julie Hasson’s technique for barbecued soy curls and we tried them later that day with greens and grits.

They were so good. The key was to first rehydrate them in a broth, we used a mix of parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme, along with “better than boullion” and lemony spice mix. Then after 10 minutes, drain, and then sauté in olive oil for a few minutes until browned and then add the barbecue sauce and cook until it thickens up. Delicious!

Next week starts my 3rd VeganMoFo! I am super nervous excited to blog every weekday. My plan is to focus on the million different ways you can make beans and rice along with some restaurant reviews, news, giveaways, and god knows what else. I was thinking about making some videos of places in Austin, would anyone be interested in that???


10 thoughts on “Barbecued Soy Curls

  1. Amanda

    I’m looking forward to your beans and rice posts for MoFo. I am completely inept at cooking beans and can use all the help I can get.

  2. Zoa

    Soy Curls are so worth ordering! And they’re light so the shipping is usually not too bad–even to Canada. Plus if you freeze them they last forever. Plus plus, if you order them direct from Butler Foods, you get to interact with the owner of the company (my local supplier bites so I would rather order them from the States and pay shipping) who is excellent to deal with.

    I’ll be eager to follow your beans & rice posts in November!

  3. sara

    i’ve never tried soy curls, i keep meaning to order some!
    i lived in austin for a few years and i miss it a lot, so i’d love to see videos like you mentioned!

  4. Jojo

    Yum, that looks great. I’m really looking forward to your bean&rice themed MoFoing, they’re things I feel I should eat way more of so I can’t wait to get some ideas!

  5. Jes

    Mmm soycurls! I haven’t had any since I moved away from Atlanta, but if I ever make it to a city with a store that stocks them, I’m stocking up. Yay for 3rd Mofos! It’s mine too! And I’d love to see vegan Austin videos 🙂

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