Vegan Options at ACL

I will admit it, I am so excited for ACL this year! In the past I have been kind of a hater, preferring SXSW and Fun Fun Fun fest for my Austin music festival needs but this year my number one and number two most favorite bands of all time are going to be there. And with so many different bands that I want to see I just can not wait for this week to end and to the shows!  Plus it isn’t scheduled to be 120 degrees, it hasn’t been raining for the last 6 weeks, and we aren’t in a serious drought so it will probably be the best weather ACL has ever had. I am going to bring a sweater!

The question, always, is will there be something to eat there and the answer is yes. First,  my bag will be filled with Cliff and granola bars because when you are scheduled to see 5 different bands all at the same time it is nice to have something to eat on your person.  Our top contenders for the vegan food dollar this year are:

  • Free Bird Burrito– this local burrito place has pretty great and filling burritos, everything that appears vegan (rice, beans, guac, etc) is vegan and they have lots of different salsas and peppers to make things interesting.
  • Boomerang’s– the home of the vegan curry hand pie is going to sell a Thai Veggie bowl at the fest that they promise is vegan. I haven’t tried it but I am excited to give it a shot!
  • Olivia– This  newer restaurant on South Lamar is going to have a baked potato with a creole topping that they say is “total vegan-tastic goodness!”

The Steamed Veggie Chipotle Wrap from the Galaxy Cafe is vegan if you take off the cheese and the chipotle mayo, but then it would probably just be steamed vegetables.

As for things that look like they could be vegan but are not: For reasons I can not understand Torcy’s tacos puts cheese in their beans, Kerbey Lane puts some animal fluids in their pancake soysage on a stick, The Mighty Cone puts butter in their avocado cone, Garridos puts mayo on their Avocado Serrano wrap and they told me the hummus wasn’t vegan (?) and P Terry’s puts egg (I think) in their veggie patties. I guess none of them want my dirty vegan money.

If you are coming in from out of town check out my Austin Food Guide and make sure you stop at Wheatsville co-op for supplies and popcorn tofu, Toy Joy for some ice cream, and Counter Culture for some awesome food!

On a very personal note of extreme excitement I want to welcome Miss Biscuit, Dinger’s BFF home (she totally reads my blog)!Over a year ago Biscuit, who was already very skittish from her crazy life before she was rescued by my dear friends Heidi & Nate, heard a loud noise and ran out of the house. Heidi and Nate couldn’t find her even though they searched and searched for weeks. They were crushed and I couldn’t even think about the whole situation without crying. Well, they got a call from the pound…. after a whole year…. that they had picked up Biscuit and connected her to them because of her microchip. It is the best news I have heard this year…maybe in my whole life ever. I am so glad she was chipped and I’m so glad my babies are chipped too. I can’t even imagine how happy everyone was to see each other again. Love you Biscuit!


10 thoughts on “Vegan Options at ACL

  1. melissa

    OH MY GOD! I cannot believe Biscuit has been found! Are you watching her until Heidi and Nate can get her?

  2. Shannon (Vegan Burnout)

    “Vegan curry hand pie” is a combination of words I never expected to encounter, but I feel compelled to know more. It must be deliciousness.

    Also, yay for happy reunions and microchipping!

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