Do you want an all vegan ice cream parlor in Austin?

Anytime someone asks me what they should try in Austin one of the first things out of my mouth is “the ice cream at toy joy”. Everybody who tries it quickly falls in love and it is easy for ANYONE to try it because it is gluten free and vegan! Amelia has been cranking out the magical flavors of her soy coconut soft serve for a couple of years now and has finally decided that she, with her buisness partner Valerie, are going to branch off and form an all vegan vintage inspired ice cream parlor next year. I have heard some of their plans and the place is going to be so fantastic!

The most exciting part, maybe, is that they are getting some of their start up money from the vegan community- not just in Austin- but from anyone that wants to help. They are almost to their goal so please head over there and donate some money. If you donate 25 dollars you get a Sweet Ritual t-shirt and an invitation to opening party, for 50 you get that plus a voucher for 5 shakes, if you donate 100 you get all that plus you get to create a shake or sundae and get it named after you! How exciting is that? Mine would have olives in it, except that the flavors are (smartly) subject to their approval so it probably wouldn’t fly. Things get even better as you climb up the donation ladder and if you donate RIGHT NOW, the ladies will even do a dance for you that you can watch on the site.


3 thoughts on “Do you want an all vegan ice cream parlor in Austin?

  1. Mo

    This is so cool! I’ve actually heard of olive oil ice cream before, so you may not be so far off with your olive suggestion. 🙂

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