Milwaukee -it’s pronounced “mill-e-wah-que” which is Algonquin for “the good land.”

I am just back from a whirlwind trip through the midwest where the weather was in the cool 80s and I got to see some of my most favorite people, band, and restaurants. I was in Chicago very breifly on the way to Alpine Valley but had enough time to stop for some Costa Rican breakfast at Irazu. I had to go with the gallo pinto and fried plantains because it is a meal you just cannot get in Austin Texas unless you make it yourself. The guacamole was a huge portion and almost luxurious with its creaminess and the chips were homeade. The gallo pinto was a little dry but still filled me with happiness and fiber. The best thing about Irazu on a sunny day is that it almost feels like you are in Costa Rica   After my tasty food I parted ways with my special lady in the purple skirt.and was reunited with the mustache baby
and my sister and friends and we headed for the borderwhere we were quickly inundated with Cheese shops. We soon stopped at the Brat Stop. I bought olives (not pictured) for the road. At the counter the guy said “are you sure you don’t want a brat” I think he was worried.We headed to the show This guy pictured above is my good friend Ryan who I found on Craigslist years ago and I luckily end up on a lot of trips with. Just a few weeks ago I turned him onto the tofu scramble at Bouldin Creek; always and egg hater he was so stoked to learn about this vegan alternative that he is now willing to go to any vegetarian place I can look up! Hooray! There is nothing better than having support for these kinds of missions since usually people just want to eat at whatever is the most convenient, especially when you have a big crew. I talked the group into the Comet Cafe which almost everyone really liked. My sister was sold IMMEDIATLY by the fact that they had awesome bloody mary’s which is the only thing she really cares about when it comes to breakfast. And they come with the cutest Milwaukee High Life chasers in the world. And pickled brussels sprouts!I loved the Comet Cafe, they have a vegan scramble topped with gravy with a side of hashbrowns.I think hashbrowns must be a northern thing because here in Austin homefries are more ubiquitos but god I love hashbrowns. And gravy on a scramble was such a great idea even though mine sat a little to long. I loved the whole thing and could eat it every day. In fact, I loved Milwaukee over all! It is like a Chicago junior or maybe even an alternative Chicago.  I wish I had time to try more places. We went to the little convenience store across the street and they had an old Atari all set upWe didn’t have time for Atari because Team Mustache Baby 2.0 is faster and more streamlined than ever before and we had another show to get to.Good times were had!

A quick trip back to Chicago where I convinced my sister to stop at the Chicago Diner even though it meant that we had to leave the city during rush hour was made and totally worth it. I had my first beer floatI kind wish I never had one though because now it is all I can think about and believe you me beer floats are the LAST thing that I need added to my diet- creamy and delicious plus fattening and alcoholic. I had a Avocadonnaise Cheezeburger with a side of mashed potatoes and gravy because gravy is key and I was on vacation… it was fabulous. Best veggie burger that I can remember having! I loved the luscious avocado mayonnaise and the burger with visible and tasteable vegetables. Sure tastable isn’t really a word but it should be! God I wish we had a Chicago Diner here in Austin!

My sister had the ReubenShe liked it but said it didn’t compare to Le Voyer in Olympia, I thought it looked great (marble rye!) but I am not a sauerkraut fan so Reubens are not for me.

After that I went down to Central Illinois and ate a lot of sweet corn and tomatoes but didn’t take any pictures because Springfield turns me into the world’s laziest person sitting at my mom’s house watching Star Trek and drinking wine. It was the much needed relaxation portion of the trip, I headed to Indiana to see my family and on the way back to the airport I passed Jedi’s GardenI must go there next trip! I miss the midwest already! I won’t be missing it in the winter though.

Vegan Drinks is tonight at Counter Culture, it is going to be a wine and cheeze party BYOW! Also there is the full moon tonight so full moon yoga and full moon party at Barton Springs are all happening at once! Too bad it is five thousand degrees!


9 thoughts on “Milwaukee -it’s pronounced “mill-e-wah-que” which is Algonquin for “the good land.”

  1. Leinana

    Just discovered your blog, and I’m loving it! Austin is such a great city, now I will know all the great vegan places to go next time I visit. I also voted for the SXSW vegan panel – would love to attend (or be on it!) 🙂

  2. Sarah C.

    Looks great! I was born in Milwaukee but haven’t really been back since. You make me think I should take a trip there! I’m curious about what band you were seeing. The parking lot makes it look like a Phish show, but I can’t quite tell from the other shots.

  3. Susan G

    Thanks for posting about Comet Cafe. Someone told me about and I had forgotten the name – time for a road trip to Milwaukee! It is faster for me to drive to Milwaukee from my home in northern IL than to go to downtown, so sadly I have never been to Chicago DIner!

  4. Sarah C.

    Fun! My hubster is a big Phish fan, but they don’t seem to come our way much (we live in DFW). Considering the Austin show in October, but we’d have to finagle work schedules to do so.

  5. lazysmurf Post author

    Susan G- you have to try the Chicago Diner! It is SO GOOD

    Sarah C If you come we should hang out beforehand! I am so excited it is the first time they have come since I lived here the past 7 years.

  6. Sarah C.

    Awesome idea – will do! (And wow, why do they ignore TX, I wonder? I thought maybe it was just DFW and that they went to Austin a lot; we’re new to TX).

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