New Amy’s Mac & Cheese, 520 Calories? What the What????

I have been seeking the new Amy’s Mac and Cheese that is made with Daiya Cheese for a few weeks. Then I finally saw it at whole foods and was so excited. I love mac & vegan cheese more than I ever liked the dairy version so I was just stoked that maybe there would be a good frozen option to have for work lunches.  I couldn’t believe when I looked at the nutritional information and saw that it was 520 calories, for a teeny tiny side of mac & cheese!  I felt gross eating it. I didn’t think it was good either, kind of gluey, oily, and bland. I know a lot of you vegans love the daiya cheese but give me a good nooch sauce any day over that! I will stick with mac daddy and the Vegan Mac & Cheese at Wheatsville. I wish toy joy still carried their fabulous version. The strange thing is, I really like most of the other Amy’s frozen entrées.

If you are looking for a fantastic frozen meal I recommend the Kashi Mayan Harvest Bake, I tried it last week. It has plantains, sweet potatoes, black beans, and kale and was surprisingly good! And since it is only 340 calories for the whole meal you can still have some ice cream when you are done! Or an entire jar of olives. Or a delicious summer brew. Or a chocolate bar with almonds. Mmm chocolate.


9 thoughts on “New Amy’s Mac & Cheese, 520 Calories? What the What????

  1. Shannon (Vegan Burnout)

    I am just unsatisfiable: I don’t particularly love Daiya or any other vegan cheese, and I think nooch sauce tastes like feet. 😦 I’m sorry about the disappointing calorie-fest, but the Kashi sure looks tasty!

  2. Katie

    I love the Mayan Harvest Bake! I used to get it all of the time because the Ft. Campbell commissary sold it for cheap, but I haven’t seen it here. Sadness.

  3. Allyson

    Holy wow.. I scarfed three (yes three) boxes of that stuff last week-GF kind… I wasn’t particularly impressed with it either- but I do love Daiya, and I was stoked to be eating vegan and gluten free mac n cheese out of a box.

    I never looked at the calorie count – but i did actually follow each serving with a chocolate bar. 😐 I guess maybe that’s why I felt so gross all week. I’m sure I will buy it again, though… seeing as they just started carrying it in my podunk grocery store.

  4. twoveganboys

    So agree on the nooch sauce. I am not a big fan of Daiya either. And 520 calories. Holy crap!

  5. Karmalily

    I love Daiya, just not on mac n cheese. That’s what I used it for the very first time I bought it, and was really disappointed. So I”ve never even bothered trying the Amy’s version. However, Daiya is fantastic for pizza, quesadillas, tacos, grilled cheese, etc.

  6. Zach

    I’m a huge fan of Daiya (and Amy’s for the most part) but I can’t believe it’s 520 calories! Really? With rice noodles and some Daiya cheese? I don’t get it.

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