We have been continuing to cook from Viva Vegan! Two nights ago Mr. Smurf made the red seitan but something went wrong (I think I am going to blame the vital wheat gluten because I got it from bulk rather than Bob’s Red Mill) it didn’t really solidify and we had planned to use it for the Peruvian Skewers. Since it was more like stuffing than seitan we instead made a stir fry that was just ok. Then last night we rolled up the leftovers in tortillas to make toquitos (since everything is better in a fried tortilla) and topped with the red chile sauce (not pictured) the mix was fantastic! Much better than the sum of its parts. We were very happy to salvage the leftovers into something tasty!

I am so excited for this weekend!


4 thoughts on “Taquitos!

  1. Jes

    Mmm taquitos–I’m so hungry now! Those so look like they beat the gas station one my friends always bought 🙂

  2. Kiersten

    Those look great! I am loving all the Viva Vegan pictures you’ve shared. I definitely don’t need another cookbook right now, but I am so tempted to buy it.

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