The Succulent Days of Summer

I don’t know when it started but I love succulents.  They are the one thing in the world I see for sale and I just can’t resist. I wish I was better at keeping them alive though! I have such a hard time researching them because I never know the names of the plants. So if you know the names of any of them help me out! The pink almond ones are dying and it makes me so sad so if you have any tips…

This first little cactus is one I got from a really neat store called “Happiness” but it closed down. Isn’t that depressing? Happiness is no longer… The lady at the store told me that she once saw a whole hillside covered in these plants and they were all 3 feet tall. It is called Cephalocereus senilis (Old Man Cactus).

My mom bought this one for me from the Natural Gardner. I think it was called a chocolate soldier and I know it is from Madagascar but I haven’t been able to find it online. Luckily, it seems to be thriving!

This grouping was a house-warming gift from my consigliere and bff Amanda. The big fan one didn’t look like it was going to make it for a while but it is going strong now. The little green ones are from either home depot or lowes and they are just sprouting flowers like crazy. But the cutest ones, the little pink almonds are not doing well at all. I got them on 1st Thursday a couple of months ago and then completely forgot everything they told me about them. Do they need less sun? Less water? They have only had rain to drink but maybe that is too much….

I got this one at 1st Thursday too, it is living inside though and doing a lot better. Maybe I should move the pink ones inside.

This little guy was just so cute that I couldn’t say no when I passed him at home depot the other day. I think lithops were the first succulent I was aware of that wasn’t a cactus or an agave. I wish I had 20 of them all lined up in a row.

I thought I would blog every day this week about something fabulous I have made from Viva Vegan, but yesterday I was just too exhausted to cook anything and forced Mr. Smurf to heat up frozen tots and nuggets. He also made guacamole because the avocados were in a state of immaculate perfection. It seems silly to blog about it BUT that guacamole recipe was really good; different than I usually make it and so flavorful. I loved it.

Hope everyone is well and enjoying the long days of summer!

7 thoughts on “The Succulent Days of Summer

  1. Tes

    Those pictures look nice. They make me wanna start taking care of my garden. The nuggets & guacamole looks yummy.

  2. twoveganboys

    The meal looks tasty. Freezer food can be good. 🙂 And I love love love cacti/succulents. They are my favorite. We had an awesome barrel cactus until stupid maintenance stepped on it and killed it. Jerks!

  3. Jeni Treehugger

    It looks like the little almond one has had too much watering. And if you’re not doing so already; water them from the bottom by either placing the pot in a saucer of water or if the pot is inside a water tight pot, pour water into this instead. Though it looks from the picture like they are directly in a water tight pot anyway?? This pot NEEDS to have holes in the bottom so if this isn’t the case I recommend you repot them.
    The little guy (5th picture down) is a pebble plant. They have the most amazing flowers (don’t all cactus’!). And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the first picture. Cute doggy and AWESOME cactus.

  4. Jes

    Freezer meals are the best sometimes. And those succulents are so cool. I have no idea what they are, but I’d love to see a hillside covered in the 1st one!

  5. lazysmurf Post author

    Thanks Jeni! There are drainage holes and I don’t ever water it but I think you are right. I will repot and hope for the best!

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