Last Meal

My friend Krys asked what we would eat if it was our last day on earth. She said she would “fill up on a plate of Southern fried goodness: deep fried cajun spiced tofu, mashed taters w/gravy, fried okra, and corn on the cob. And of course dessert, something lemon”. I liked the sound of that! I immediatly thought of the meal Mr. Smurf made for us the other night, all recipes from the Veganomicon, Mac Daddy, smokey grilled tempeh, and delicious greens. We ate it on the back porch after the sun had gone down, it was immaculate perfection. If it was my last meal, though, I said I would add BBQ black-eyed peas, tots,  olive poppers and a Michelada to drink. And some sort of decadent chocolate dessert that is, like, chocolate with chocolate surround by chocolate.

Mmmm last meal.


7 thoughts on “Last Meal

  1. Brittany

    That looks amazing! I really need to try more recipes out of Veganomicon. I agree about the chocolate. I think I would have to go with something like a warm chocolate brownies with homemade berry sauce and ice cream melting on top:)

  2. T

    Mmm, I am on such a Vcon kick lately and I haven’t tried any of these recipes. What a spectacular meal!

  3. Kiersten

    That looks delicious. I may have to use your meal as inspiration the next time I decide to make some Southern food. I think my last meal would be a peanut butter & jelly sandwich. Gourmet, huh?

  4. lazysmurf Post author

    You guys should deffinatly try the smoky tempeh, it is a super easy meal and maybe my favorite way to have tempeh where it isn’t mixed in with other things. And mac daddy is probably our most favorite recipe in the book, it is important to follow the directions though and make sure you do all the steps, including the cooling period and add breadcrumbs or it won’t be nearly as good (That is why Mr. Smurf has to always make it at our house)

  5. Mo

    Seriously…that looks good! I like your last meal. Though, I’m with your friend…I need something lemon to end it.

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