Soba Fett

Did you know Star Wars Day is right around the corner on May 4th? I have been working on my recipe for Soba Fett.

I also want to celebrate by getting this Han Solo in Carbonite soap.

I had such a lovely weekend it was sad to see it end. We got all of our bookshelves and bookcases up so now I can find things again! And my kitchen is really coming together too.

Dinger spent most of the beautiful rainy spring weekend snoozing on the couch. It’s hard out there for a beagle!


My Amaryllis is getting ready to bloom! It is going to be so beautiful.

A friend and I went to the Lady Bird Wildflower center for a plant sale and I am really excited about the flowers I got, including a “little nipple” cactus! hehe. I took a bunch of pictures while we were out there. Here are some favorites.

There are some more on my flickr page too.

Hope you are entering this week with more motivation than me!


5 thoughts on “Soba Fett

  1. Trinity (of haikutofu)

    Mmm the soba fett looks good. I still haven’t seen all the Star Wars movies- perhaps this is the perfect occasion. I love the little nipple cactus- I went to a plant sale recently too! I’m ready for spring-a-ling!

  2. Joanne

    I so did not know that Star Wars day even existed!

    I went to MIT and we did a musical version of Episodes 4, 5, and 6 that I played the piano for. It was all kinds of epic.

    This pasta looks delicious!

  3. twoveganboys

    Beautiful pictures. And a Star Wars Day? We are so going to have a movie marathon in our house.

  4. Mo

    When I was back home visiting, I forgot how beautiful Texas is this time of year. I can’t think of another state with so many wonderful wild flowers.

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