The Polaco Taco

This recipe was an experiment that didn’t turn out perfect but I am going to try and develop a better Kielbasa. The texture was really great, lately I have been using lentils in the sausages and I think they work better than beans. I read about the Polaco taco right before super bowl Sunday and I became obsessed with the idea since I love non-traditional tacos.  I am not a big sauerkraut fan though so I thought I would go in a more traditional Polish route and make a surowka of shredded carrots, apples, and lemon. The salad was really delicious once I added some sugar but the fat sausage was a little overwhelming and had too much caraway, even though I used just a half a teaspoon. I will continue to work on it though so we can have polaco tacos in time for baseball season or basketball season or whatever else you Chicago sports fan are so into.


4 thoughts on “The Polaco Taco

  1. Trinity

    I love the lentil idea. We’ve been really into veg kielbasa And sauerkraut lately. Never heard of surowka before but I can’t wait to try it!

  2. Jes

    Oooh, I’m personally all about a taco that includes Polish “sausage” and sauerkraut–I can’t get enough of the cabbage!

  3. Barbara Rolek

    Hey, I like your version of taco polaco! The beauty of a dish like this is you can go in so many directions and it still tastes good. Never thought of surowka, kudos to you!

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