Suck it February OR Summer is almost here….

Right? Please!!!!!!!!!! I am so cold! Recent cooking has been a disaster. I have been eating a lot of Thundercloud (the bread is vegan now!) and Chinese takeout. I made soup that wasn’t very exciting.  Soup is usually my favorite thing and I have been making it since I was a kid. You can’t mess up soup, or so they say.  This winter has been slowly killing me. As I have surely moaned about in the past my house has little to no heat in the main room so when it is cold there is nothing to do but get in a pile with a bunch of beagles and hope for winter to end.

I thought I would take a journey to a time I can’t hardly even remember… summertime

Remember tomatoes when they are just ripe and pick them off the plant? They are still warm from being out in the sun and you pop them in your mouth and think about the perfection of life.

This tofu scramble was one of the best I ever made because the yellow tomatoes were perfectly fresh. What a difference a good tomato makes.

I made the pico to go alongside Panuchos last Cinco de Mayo. Remember eating outside and actually want to spend time outside and not just passing through it on the way from one destination to the next. I love eating outside when it is so hot that you can’t deal with even warming up a burner. These panuchos were stuffed with beans, fried and topped with marinated limes and chorizo.

Remember grilling and eating corn on the cob outside. 

I miss going to the farmer’s market and just picking out whatever looks good and making simple food like this pasta that used the beets and the greens. Sure the farmer’s market is open during the winter but how am I supposed to leave my house in a time like this? How do you people in Vermont do it? Over the weekend I went to a few bars because I had to get out to see foot patrol. We were on a mission to find a warm bar. Then I kept asking the bartenders if they had any hot drinks, like a hot toddy or something. 2 different bartenders told me that they would give me hot tap water! That is how lost people are in Austin when it comes to “warm-ups” we are all about the “cool downs” it broke into the 70s briefly last week and my friend and I ran off to Opal Divine’s happy hour to drink margaritas. I was so sure winter was over. I thought I would soon be enjoying michelada’s instead of eating dinner.

And Batido’s with brunchRemember waking up in the morning and it already being really bright out and you have more eggplants and okra than you know what to do withand spending the weekend at the swimmin’ hole

What do you miss the most about summer?


13 thoughts on “Suck it February OR Summer is almost here….

  1. Addie

    This is just the post I needed today! I’ve been feeling the same dreary “when is winter finally going to be over” sentiment for weeks, and your pictures were a ray of sunshine on this gloomy day.

    Warm patio weather will return! I have faith!

  2. twoveganboys

    I feel your pain. It is as though we are on lockdown around here. I can’t take the boys out for fear they will get sick and there is nothing worse than a sick kid. I can’t wait for Spring and Summer. The place we are renting has a huge backyard. Hello garden! According to Phil, we have 6 more weeks of Winter. Then the fun begins. Stay warm.

  3. t

    HATE. This summer photos are just reminding me that its never going to be nice weather in brussels, never ever ever again…. on the other hand though, maybe moving to texas would be a good move?

  4. a-k

    Oh man! This makes me feel like summer is even FARTHER away, cuz it sure is going to hit your neck of the woods before it hits mine (Minneapolis), and it will also be here shorter. But your pictures are lovely and warm me from the inside all the same 🙂

  5. Lisa (ShowMeVegan)

    this was the best post I’ve read in ages! Thank you. And I miss living in my backyard until bedtime- listening to music, eating, playing with dogs, and reading all in the backyard almost every night.

  6. Jes

    I feel warm, for just a second! And I’ve decided to punch any groundhog I see because, really, I can’t handle a long winter. I definitely can’t wait till we’re back in the time of beautiful, plentiful produce! (and tasty cold drinks!)

  7. Susan G

    I think it doesn’t matter what the groundhog says here in Chicago – lots more winter either way! I love sunflowers – just bought myself a sunflower fruit bowl to make my counter look cheery and dream a little while we get our next foot of snow today! Thanks for your post.

  8. bazu

    wow- I really needed this post today! I miss EVERY DAMN THING about summer! today’s snowstorm is just putting me over the edge… thanks for the lovely photos!

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