Carribean Breakfast: Gallo Pinto, Tostones, and Tofu Scramble

It has been so cold here that people have taken to wearing ski masks. The local news shows people frantically buying earmuffs and warning parents that this is the coldest their children have ever seen. If you live somewhere where it snows we Austinites look pretty ridiculous in the winter. The threat of snowfall consumes news coverage for a week ahead of time and the eventual hint of snow flurries sends children running outside to try to make snowmen.

I have a hard time dealing with the cold. My main problem is that my house was not built with winter in mind. Floor to ceiling, poorly constructed windows make all the walls let cold air in and you can feel a breeze in the living room. The beagles can’t stand it either. They get excited to put on their sweaters and they spend a great part of the day under covers cuddled with each other and us. If you sit down in my house you will have a beagle next to you within a minute, cuddled up. The only way I could get out of my warmer bedroom over the weekend was to remember this time last year when we were in Costa Rica. We would have Gallo Pinto for breakfast every morning, usually with a side of plantains. I usually either bake plantains or cut them into long pieces and pan fry them but this morning I decided to try to make tostones. First you cut the plantains into circles and fry them.Then you smash them flat. I used a tortilla press because I could do several at once.



Then you fry them a second time. They were really good but they didn’t turn out perfect. I am having a lot of trouble with my stove so I am going to blame technical difficulties since I couldn’t get the oil hot enough. They were really yummy.

I was out of coriander so I made the gallo pinto aĀ  little different from my usual recipe. I used a little bit of allspice and some ginger and cayenne. It was delicious! I also tried a baked tofu recipe that my friend Wes came up with. I loved the shake & bake method for tofu scramble, it was ridiculously easy and tasty. I think I will make my spice mix next time because there was a little too much cumin for my taste. Finally I made a yogurt cream sauce to go on top of everything. I blended yogurt, cilantro, and lime together then added a little bit of asafetida. I loved it! If you are feeling beaten down by the weather I completely recommend this spread. Caribbean Breakfast makes everything better.Pura Vida!


14 thoughts on “Carribean Breakfast: Gallo Pinto, Tostones, and Tofu Scramble

  1. Jes

    That does look like the perfect warm-me-up breakfast. Even my cats can’t stand the cold (and I’m starting to get sick of them, too much cuddling can happen!). But tostones sound like the key. I love flattening them with the bottom of an old beer bottle–for some reason it’s more fun that way šŸ™‚

  2. fortheloveofguava

    man… you’re killin’ me with all this plantain deliciousness smurfsky! Mr. Guava won’t go near anything vaguely banana like… but maybe if I squish and fry… hmmm…

  3. fortheloveofguava

    oh yeah… you texans shouldn’t be too embarrassed about the snow thing… we act the same way… except when it drizzles… ha!

  4. twoveganboys

    Yum. I too am tired of the cold weather. Today was a lovely 60 degrees. I could actually take the boys out and they didn’t look like the little brother bundled up from the movie “A Christmas Story”.

  5. Mihl

    That plate looks so yummy! I am sorry you have such a hard time dealing with the cold. Eat lots of soup and stay warm šŸ™‚

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  7. AspiringCarbon

    You make me miss Costa Rica. With gallo pinto, it’s so easy to be vegan, no matter where you are! And I love it. I’ve only had a bad version once, at a bus depot. (Shoulda known.)

    Thanks for the recipes. We’ll definitely try them.

    And BTW, when it gets below 65F in the Central Valley (San Jose, Costa Rica), some people literally *freeze to death*!!! So don’t feel bad for being cold. As a fellow Austin-area resident, I commiserate. It all depends on what you’re used to… and what your house is intended to withstand. šŸ˜‰

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