Staying Alive

At the first sign of illness my instinct is to completely panic. Luckily, those who know me know this well and are good a providing calming influences. After flying on planes, dramatic changes in weather, and a lot of stress I started to succumb to flu-like symptoms earlier this week. I talked to my friend who is extremely knowledgeable in health and she gave me some tips.

1) Don’t Panic! Take a deep breath. Get some cozy clothes and blankets, have Mr. Smurf make you soup with lots of ginger and garlic

2) NO SUGAR & NO CAFFINE & no dairy (the latter one is easy!)

3) Drink Ridiculous Amounts of Water

4) Strong Herbal Tea

4) Herbs. My problems were in my lungs so Sandra recomended Elecampagne, a lung compound tincture like Lung Eazy, a formula called “wellness formula” it comes in capsules and liquid it WORKS, and “wild cherry bark, elderberry” cough syrup if the cough gets worse.

5) Get lots of sleep

I love it when people tell me to get lots of sleep. It is just the excuse I need to spend a day in bed watching James Franco on General Hospital and asking Mr. Smurf to bring me things. He really outdid himself with the miso noodle soup on a smurf tray, with a smurf glass! So far I haven’t gotten really sick and I think it is because everyone is taking such good care of me.


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  1. fortheloveofguava

    dang I might have to send that pic Mr. Guava’s way and feign illness… mmm…

    hope you feel better SMURFSKY! Just getting over some winter sniffles now… boo!

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